Metallic Foils Is Best For Hot Stamping On Any Product

The primary tools that are required for hot printing are the dies, foils and the substrate. There are different types of foils that are available in the market and each has different specifications, make and finish. You can come to know a variety of such foils sued for printing from which is a dedicated site for all your hot printing need and requirement. Among all the different types of foils that are used for hot stamping metallic foils are best in creating a better image on the stuff. The print is most distinct, with reflective finish across all kinds of substrates.

Method Of Application

The reason for such immaculate finish of the image lies in the method of application and not only the features of metallic foils itself. The heat and pressure given to the foil effectively irons out the roughness and unevenness that may be in the surface of the substrate making the imprint clear and prominent. There is a thin layer of metal situated behind a refractive medium which is a thin layer of lacquer and this acts just like a mirror in the foil. The opacity and brightness are thus free from the variability factor which affects the inks on the metallic foil which is caused by the changes in the wright of the coating and distribution of the metallic pigment inside the resin system.

Greater Visual Impact

If you want to create greater visual impact then you must use metallic printing foils. With the help of it you can combine hot stamping in one single step with deep embossing achieving perfect registration and avoiding at the same time the cost of a separate stage for embossing. There are various API metallic foils for hot sampling available in the market which is perfect for a wide range of substrates. You can log in to and take help from the website to find out which is best suited for your purpose as while selecting the metallic foil type you must also consider the type of the machine, platen, rotary, clam shell and roll on as well.

About The Compatibility

The hot stamping foils or ribbons which are also called print ribbons or stamp foils in the market arecompatible with different ribbon coders including date printers, hot stamping machines and hot stamping coding machines. You can get dates, batch number and other details on your product with the help of these machines with such foils which are known for adhesive strength and no polluting solvents in it.

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