Wednesday 28 July 2021

Misconceptions Related To IP-PBX Phone System Exposed

Misconceptions Related To IP-PBX Phone System Exposed

Savings made by making minor changes can make a significant difference in your overall budget. That would include instituting tight control on paper and pen, or stopping the bottled water service, or limiting printer usage for only the essential documents.

However, you cannot cut corners with business telephone service. It is the bloodline of the company and needs to be treated as a complete requisite, instead of a dispensable extra.

If you are trying to downgrade the communication system or eliminate necessary features, during rough times, then it would be wise to reconsider the service plan.

Phone systems and service plans often change, and thus it would be better to compare and choose wisely. If you have doubts about the currently available plans or are dwelling under misconceptions about existing calling plans, then it is better that you get all your queries resolved before choosing a business communication system.

Misconceptions Related To IP-PBX Phone System Exposed

Some common misconceptions exposed

Long term agreements rule – Due to rapid advancement in technology, no user desires to sign long term agreements. Many service providers are familiar with this fact and have been offering no-contract or short term deals.

It is expensive – If you are running on tight budget then upgrading your communication system may seem unaffordable but this is not so. You can compare plans and select the most affordable one, meeting your requirements. Many providers pack critical features in a single monthly low rate package. Many even approve using existing equipment, which means minimal upfront.

Productivity will not get affected – According to some business owners, office productivity is associated to different aspects like advanced software or meticulously committed employees. Actually, this is not true, even communication system plays a vital role in enhancing productivity, as it saves time.

For example, Avaya PBX includes voice to text feature, which allows reading voicemail messages rapidly rather than listening and auto-attendant, meaning employees are saved from answering calls not meant for them.

Competing with large companies is impossible – Many service plans include lots of tools and features designed to compete with large organizations. Intelligent call routing, toll-free numbers and local numbers in international market are some aspects that give customers the impression of a big company.

Hosted services have more control over your PBX – In reality, it is completely the other way round. Cloud based IP system allows consumers to enjoy matchless control and flexibility. They can control features like changes/move/add, security, email and conferencing. Additionally, they get an insight into network performance, status, updates, and billing or account detail.

Poor sound quality on hosted PBX systems – This misconception was started ten years ago, when consumer grade VoIP was introduced. Today, with enterprise-grade platform sound system is properly architected, which delivers incredible quality.

Cloud is passing trend – Access to multiple devices has motivated consumers to store digital content on the clouds. According to a survey, 30% are currently making use of paid cloud services and it is predicted to exceed over 50% in the next couple of years.

Cloud transfer means IT employee loses job security – Cloud is not going to jeopardize IT staffs job security because all the companies will require professionals to understand the evolving Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS and Cloud technologies. They will need to participate in strategic projects to enhance business bottom-line.