Montessori Education – Aids Student’s Interest

Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori education believed that education should be imparted with an emphasis on the child’s natural development which encompasses social, physical and psychological development. Most interesting perhaps, she was firm in her belief that education had a vital role to play in word peace itself. It is this philosophy that has gone into making Montessori education an extremely popular way of keeping a child interested.

As anybody knows, keeping the child interested in one task or one thing for a sustained amount of time is a huge challenge but it does seem that the leading Montessori School Mississauga has achieved remarkable success in this area. Montessori goes a very long way in aiding and developing a student’s interests in many ways.

The Structure of the Program

Montessori does not believe in conventional or standard educational methodology. This is one stream of education that is characterized by:

Mixed Age Classrooms

This is one of the reasons why children studying in a Montessori School Mississauga will learn out of interest. A younger child will observe what an older child is doing and try and imitate the same. Of course, the activities and “lessons” being imparted to older children is planned in such a way that it piques the natural curiosity of a younger child as well.

Practical Environment

It is extremely interesting to note that a classroom in the Montessori stream of education is laid out in such a manner that everything is oriented towards a young child. Whether it is book shelves, chairs and tables to sit at and even study materials – all of them are created so that a young mind is comfortable with and enthusiastic about exploring the classroom.

Considering the fact that Maria Montessori developed materials based on the interest shown their children, you can rest assured that your child is surrounded by constant stimulation for his or her development.

Emphasis on Learning Life Skills

Education is not merely a way to learn a particular subject and on passing or failing grades. Montessori believes that education should teach a child emotional intelligence, social responsibility and equip him or her to live a very practical and a fruitful life. Therefore, a classroom in the Montessori stream of education is filled with practical activities that could include the tasks conducted in a kitchen! This is a rather interesting way of teaching a child different things in a unique manner.

The use of Natural Human Development

A Montessori School Mississauga will also enable the development of a child’s interest because it uses learnings from various studies of human development. Therefore, a child who is not yet six years old may have a stronger flair for learning new languages. Social behavior is more easily accepted in a child who is anywhere between three and four years of age. Therefore, Montessori schools will place emphasis on these skills and use the right kind of physical and mental stimuli to help a child grow.

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