Most Exotic Mughlai Dishes

Mughlai Dishes

Mughlai dishes are renowned for their richness. They are famous for its exotic use of nuts, dry fruits, and spices. Since most of the Mughal emperors were Persians, most of the Mughlai dishes are named in Persian or Turkish languages.

Mughlai dishes include Kofta, Biryani, Kebabs, and Khameeri Roti recipe. From the main course to desserts Mughlai dishes have all the varieties one can ask for. These dishes have fantastic flavor.

Some of the Famous Mughlai Dishes are Discussed Below:

1.Mutton Seekh Kebab: Among the available wide range of Mughlai dishes, Mutton seekh kebab is a classic dish. This dish is liked by all because delicacy has some incredible taste. This fleshy kebab can act as an ideal appetizer for grand occasions like the marriages or anniversaries or on festivals like Eid-U-Fitr and Bakri-Id. These are served mostly with ketchup or mint chutneys.  They are among the best Mughlai starters. This item is very rich in carbohydrates, fat, and proteins.

2.Khameeri Roti: Khameeri Roti is the Mughlai style of roti which is cooked on tandoors. Khameeri is the Persian term for yeast, and hence the bread prepared from khameeri has got this name. To know how to make Khameeri roti one can browse the web. This is delicious bread because they are cooked only on tandoors, unlike other rotis, which are made ontawa. It goes well with Mughlai curries.

3.MughlaiPulao: Biryani itself is a treat for food lovers, and if MughlaiPulao is served on your plate, then it’s like a double treat with double the richness. This is one of the richest rice dishes you can ever eat. This dish is specially made for special occasions and is served on festivals like Eid. Rice is cooked using ground spices and chicken tikka. You will find this dish lip-smacking without a doubt.

4.ShahiTukda: This is a Mughlai dessert. This dessert is specially made in the festive month of Ramadan. This recipe, which is made up of ghee and condensed milk when topped with khoya and dry fruits tastes yummy. This dish in ancient times was well admired by the Mughal kings and their ascendants. It is similar to that of bread pudding; it is worth trying.

5.Chicken Korma: This is similar to various chicken curries, but in traditional Mughlai style it is cooked using different  spices and herbs. The aromatic dish goes best with khameeri roti or roghininaan(Mughlai style of naan).

6.AkbariDaal: The name itself is enough to add this food item in your must-try list. This spicy and creamy daal recipe tastes amazing and is mostly served on special occasions. It’s thicker than the tradition uraddaal and this delicious daal can be enjoyed with roomali roti or tandoori roti. This dish can be a treat for special occasions.

A Mughlai course is an elaborated buffet, which includes a range of dishes from starters, main course to some exotic sweet dishes. The tastes of Mughlai dishes vary from mild to spicy, and one common thing that you will find in all is its distinctive aroma.

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