Sunday 30 May 2021

Mother's Day Classic Raises Funds To Battle Breast Cancer

The Mother’s Day Classic is a fun run (or walk) which raises funds to fight against breast cancer. If you plan on attending don’t be surprised when you find yourself in a sea of pink. Funds raised by the event are all donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women. Over 1.7 million women develop breast cancer and accounts for 25% of all cancers in women. The Mother’s Day Classic has an enormous impact on fund raising to fight breast cancer each year in Australia.

Mother's Day Classic Raises Funds To Battle Breast Cancer

The Mother’s Day Classic Has Raised Millions for the NBCF

The NBCF is the top community-funded organisation in Australia. Since 1998 The Mother’s Day Classic has raised 24.3 million dollars in donations for NBCF. Held on May 10, the event occurs throughout the country and now is in its eighteenth year. The fun run or walk is a huge draw because of the emotional impact that breast cancer has had on so many families. Participants remember and honour loved ones they’ve lost to the disease. Each year a number of breast cancer survivors join the Mother’s Day Classic to show their solidarity and support for the cause. Breast cancer research is having a profound impact on reducing the mortality rate for sufferers. Since the Mother’s Day Classic started in 1997, the five-year survival rate has increased to almost 90%. Participants in the Classic can choose from 4km or 8km runs. Corporate teams are welcome to join as well as single runners.

Volunteers Fuel the Mother’s Day Classic

There are seven full-time workers involved in the Mother’s Day Classic. Volunteers make up the rest of the workforce that is required to put on this huge event. Volunteers in each city are responsible for making sure the event runs smoothly. Civic groups and corporations also chip in to assure a successful event each May 10. One in eight Australian women is impacted by breast cancer so the huge turnout should come as no surprise. The fitness level of the participants varies. For those who are new to vigorous activity like long walks or runs, there is training available ahead of the event. The Mothers Day Classic costs 50 dollars for entrants. Thirty four dollars of each entry fee is used directly for breast cancer research. All payments of entry fees must be made by May 8th. The runs use wave starts since so many people take part. Runners will start the run at slightly different times in waves. Most runners can get their times the day after the race as long as the event organizers allow it. Anyone who has any questions about the Mother’s Day Classic in their city should consult an organizer. The event has grown in popularity for almost two decades thanks to the truly huge sums of money it generates for the National Breast Cancer Foundation each year. This year’s event promises to be the biggest one ever.