Tuesday 07 March 2023

Mountainhigh Lighting Designs: A Splendid Business

Michael Flood and Carol Pears have kept the West Kootenay in the light since 2006 with their business, Mountainhigh Lighting Designs. As Best of Business grant victors for 2014, they’ve scored profoundly with Kootenay Business perusers. Pears took sooner or later out of her occupied calendar to let us know about the business and the couple’s experience.

Let me know about Mountainhigh Lighting Design.

Mountainhigh Lighting was begun in 2006 as a home-based light plan/counsel organization in Rossland. We were especially intrigued by the new LED innovations and were truly included in the green-building world. Our experience is in the TV and film industry, and we truly needed to utilize the learning that Mike, specifically, had with the impact of lighting.
Such a great amount about lighting is in the arrangement of the right kind of light, and we were excited to offer that to our customers. We had such a variety of appeals to have a showroom where individuals could come and take a gander at item and get help with their lighting that we chose to open shop in the halfway found Castlegar.
Mountainhigh Lighting Designs

What was your first occupation and what did you gain from it?

My first occupation was offering shoes. It empowered me to profit to purchase the things each young person is searching for—like marked down shoes! It additionally helped me comprehend that profiting was paramount, however doing something you appreciated was surprisingly better.
Mike’s first true employment was in a metal creation shop delivering things, for example, a light reflection box for a musical called Show pontoon. The light impact from the container was sufficient to truly move his yearning to work with lighting in some limit. It opened the entryway into the universe of film for him.

What’s your enthusiasm outside of work?

Outside of the shop we are about family life. The three children have done great in their free-ski occasions throughout the most recent six years they’ve been included. We adore having that family time at the slope, both home and away. In the late spring its about outdoors and water sports. The Kootenays offer such a large number of incredible outside choices to reconnect with nature and permit an opportunity to restore ourselves for our business.

Will you offer some exhortation to anybody simply starting their business wander?

Make certain to pick something you want to do. This goes over to your customers and they are the ones who are key to your prosperity. Listen to what individuals need and truly attempt to satisfy those cravings. Tirelessness is most useful as well! Simply recollect, change is the main steady in life, so you should grasp it.

What do you like most about your occupation?

What we adore most about the business is helping individuals tackle their lighting issues. There is extraordinary fulfillment in realizing that items picked for a specific circumstance can fulfill our customers for quite a long time to come. Lighting is something or other that individuals don’t change out all the time, so making a point to guide a client to the right one is vital to us. Mike additionally cherishes renovating a loved old light into a securely living up to expectations light that can be discharged from capacity and showcased.

Why did you decide to get into the lighting business?

I feel like we didn’t generally pick this business—it picked us. Mike discovered an incredible region to raise a family and ski in and we recently required to evaluate how we could make due here. We recognized the need when we began doing renos to our home. With our experience in the realm of film and TV, lighting was the one thing we did know—adapting retail was an entire new world to explore.