Wednesday 08 March 2023

Moving Furniture The Safe Way

When moving house, a family needs to take all their belongings with them. In some cases this may include furniture. If a person does not move furniture in the correct manner they can do a lot of damage. There are some safety tips to help a person when they are moving furniture.

Shoulder Strap Dolly

Using shoulder straps to help move large items such as couches will take the weight off of a person’s back. They will use larger muscles groups and this will allow their hands to be free in case of an emergency. This can be used for sofa removals too.

Do Not Carry – Slide

There are many shapes and sizes of furniture sliders. They are disc shapes and are put on the bottom of the furniture. The carries are made from plastic and can allow a person to slide the furniture instead of having to pick it up. This will allow a person to reduce the strain on their body from moving and will not damage the floors.

Plastic for Protection

Even when a person is careful furniture can get dented and scraped during a move. There are some things that a person can do to protect their furniture and reduce the chance of it becoming damaged. The furniture can be wrapped in plastic so that it is well protected. The edges should be well protected and wrapped in blankets as well. The blankets can be secured with stretch film. This film is inexpensive and can save a person a lot of damage.

Cut and Fold a Box Spring

Be sure to remove the fabric covering of the box spring and the staples. The box spring can then be just in the center and secured with a strap to keep it from opening. This will not damage the box spring. When a person gets to their new location they can secure it together again with some screws for reinforcement.

Furniture Disassembly

Of course, another way to handle moving furniture is to disassemble the pieces before moving house. This will make the big, heavy chunks into bite-sized pieces which you will usually have to use numerous equipment to handle into something that you can literally carry in a bag. Sometimes moving is just that simple, yes.

These are just some tips to help a person with furniture removal. Professional movers, follows these tips as well. Following these tips can prevent physical injury and keep a person from damaging their furniture. It will make it both easier and simpler for you to handle the move when you do not have big and heavy furniture to move. Stick to these guidelines and the relocation will go perfectly.