Moving to Malta: A Town Selection Guide

Nestled in the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, the small but proud nation of Malta has been a tourist hotspot for years, with travellers pouring in from all over the world to experience the sceneries, the culture, and the friendly environment. But Malta has become so much more in recent years, with homebuyers across the globe increasingly looking towards this hidden gem of Europe to be their next home and sanctuary.

Malta has certainly earned its place in the top echelon of prominent investment citizenship countries due to its rising quality of life, economic stability, and of course, stunning natural and urban beauties. Here to help you choose your new place of residence in this island wonderland is the essential town selection guide you should take to heart.

The central region

While the regions themselves are not clearly defined on the map, certain towns around the island do serve as distinct border points between areas, with Birkirkara, Mosta, Naxxar, Attard, and Lija being the main portrayers of the central region. The town of Birkirkara is the most populous, with the central region and its towns being the most populated areas of the entire island.

With the economic boom in recent years and the popularisation of Malta as a place of business immigration as well as tourism, the region has seen significant infrastructural development. However, these towns are still peaceful and quiet, with the majority of business opportunities located in the capital, or the Harbor region.

St. Julian’s and the Harbor region

The Harbor region, consisting of numerous villages and the towns of St. Julian’s and Sliema, is home to a thriving ecosystem of restaurants, cafes, residential opportunities and businesses, making it one of the most sensible choices for residency.

St. Julian’s is also considered to be the entertainment capital of the island, so you would always find something to do if you were to live in the region. Acquiring a property in Sliema or St. Julian’s is a great way to pass the Malta investment citizenship (Golden Visa) program and obtain your citizenship rights quickly. With these towns teeming with life and opportunity, as well as their close proximity to the capital, they make excellent choices for owning a home.

The capital, Valletta

The tiny capital of Malta, Valletta, sits comfortably on a north-eastern peninsula and is a true testament to the rich architectural and cultural heritage the medieval rulers have left behind. Covering just 198 acres of land, this walled city is a thriving tourist hotspot enriched with breathtaking sightseeing opportunities and a couple of notable museums and palaces as well.

However, from an investment residency standpoint, Valletta might not be the most sensible option. More of a tourist hotspot and a great place for an exciting outing, Valletta simply doesn’t offer that calm, homey feeling that buyers are looking for. If you do decide you want to be in close proximity to the capital, better opt for some of its neighbouring villages such as Floriana or Pieta.

The northern towns of Bugibba and Mellieha

The northern region can be divided between the villages of Mellieha and Bugibba & Qawra. The interconnected towns of Bugibba and Qawra are also tourist hotspots, but they also offer good investment immigration options. With plenty to do all year round because of the vibrant culture and numerous cafes, restaurants, and hotels, you might be able to enjoy your time here. That is, if you can handle the swarms of tourists on a daily basis.

Mellieha, on the other hand, is a fancier region way up north, and is home to luxe villas, holiday homes, with a diverse population of natives and expats. This is a place where you could find more peace, and serenity, all in close proximity to the other regions.

Malta might have been a sprawling tourist attraction, but nowadays it is slowly shifting its paradigm to become a more welcoming place for investment citizenship, with prospective homebuyers and investors aiming to find their peace amidst its natural and urban wonders. With this essential guide in mind, you will have an easier time finding your dream home in the Maltese archipelago.

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