Must-Have Diaper Bag Essentials

Have you just became a parent? Are you confused and trying to figure out what to keep, and what can reasonably left behind? Becoming a first-time parent means being prepared. A well-organized diaper bag can save your day, but you should know what really need to put inside it. Packing a diaper bag can be overwhelming for a new mother. It depends on how old your baby is, where are you going,for how long you will be outside and how prepared you like to be. As you get ready for your little baby on the way, you should start thinking about all essentials you need to carry around again.

To see a list of essential things and some new ideas, check out the below must-have diaper bag checklist.


While having Diapers on hand seems necessary. They are must-haves.

Diapers are essentials. Don’t step outside with less than five diapers- that number can extend depending on the age of your baby and how long you will be outside of home. New born babies need more diaper changes than older babies. There is nothing bad than stucking in a worse situation without this basic essentials.


Buy a good travel pack, or you can put your baby wipes in a plastic bag to keep it moist.  These must-haves will soon become your best buddy. These handu things are multi-tasker of diaper bag essential, easy for wiping your hands, baby’s bum, especially after using public restroom.


Whatever the season is, it is always better to carry an extra lightweight blanket for unexpected cool temperature or brick winds. Blankets are also useful to shade your baby from the sunlight. You can also use it to cover up your little one in the stroller or on the car seat.

Extra Clothes

You should always carry extra set of clothes in the diaper bag for your baby.  A day will definitely come when you will be happy you have them. Keep a pack of pants, socks, shirt and undershirt. Don’t forget to rotate these clothes as your baby grows as there is no need to have a newborn outfit for a 9-month-old.

Hand Sanitizer

Germs are there in your hands too. When you become a new mom, you will become a germ freak. For cleaning your hands after changing diaper when there is no place or time to wash, having an alcohol-free sanitizer in hands is a great option.


Something that keeps your baby entertainned is his/her favorite toy.  Teethers, Rattles and board books throw all into the diaper bag. Remember to carry the toy straps, if you don’t like picking toys from the floor of restaurants and other sidewalks.

The above were some of the good tips on what things to keep the diaper bag so that you can meet your little one’s needs. So, enjoy your precious time with your baby!

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