Monday 25 January 2021

Neat Oil vs Water Soluble: What Machinery Workers Should Know About Coolant Types

The type of coolant that can be used on machinery generally falls into a couple of different categories. Neat oil is more commonly known as cutting oil, whereas water soluble oil is mainly used in metalwork. Here are some of the things that you should be aware of when you’re deciding which type of oil is right for the job.

Cost Differential

Neat oil tends to cost a little bit more because of its long lasting capabilities. It tends to be thicker in nature and does a better job at preventing corrosion and rust from forming on your machinery. There are some jobs in which it’s better to use water soluble oil if you plan on changing it out frequently. The act of replacing the oil may negate the benefits of using the water soluble solution but it will depend on the type of machinery being used.

Performance Parameters

For high friction applications, cutting oil is the better option. This is because it pulls the heat out at a faster rate. The other point of using cutting oil or milling machine coolant is that it collects the particles from your job and moves them away from your equipment. Water soluble solutions perform in a similar manner, but don’t tend to be as thick so they’re better for jobs that create less friction and don’t produce as much debris.

Cleanup Benefits

Water soluble oil is easier to clean up because it will get thinner with the addition of more water to the emulsion. Many water soluble oils also tend to have some degree of synthetics which can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the application for which you want to use them. The thicker neat oil can be easier to collect when it’s time to change it because it will drain out from your machinery easier.

Stability Factors

Another thing to consider when comparing neat oil versus water soluble oil is that there is a smell associated with old water soluble oils. As water soluble oil ages, it tends to collect debris and can start to break down and rot. The cause of this is bacteria that thrive within the emulsion. Neat oil is longer lasting and more stable. Water soluble oils are better for short-term applications because they won’t leave your machinery with an oily residue.
Each type of coolant has its own unique properties and applications. Consider these differences when you’re making a choice about which type of oil is the best fit for you.

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