Need To Buy Samsung TV? Check Out This Buying Guide

TV is actually more than just the appliance. It has become the heart of many homes over the decades where families and friends gather to join and shore moments. Since TV is the necessary centerpiece of the home, you have to choose the right one.

For that, you need to stay up-to-date with all the latest technological developments as well as trends. At present, high-resolution TV is highly trending on the ground but buying the right one is quite challenging.

This is why we have developed a perfect TV checklist to make sure you know the things to consider while purchasing your next  Samsung TV.

What to Consider while Choosing Next TV

Choose the Best Screen Size for your Home

If you decide to purchase the Samsung TV, then you should choose the best screen size for your home. Choosing the right screen size will help you enjoy a better viewing experience. advancing TV technology creates a shift in the optimal viewing distance. Check out the below mentioned tabular column to find out the perfect TV screen size.

Distance 1meter 2meter 3meter 4meter
FHD TV 25inch 50inch 75inch 100inch
UHD TV 39inch 78inch 117inch 156inch

For Full High Resolution (FHD TV),distance (meter) X 25…so on

For Ultra High Resolution (UHD TV), distance (meter) x 39 …so on

Looking for Bigger TV Screen?

When you wish to purchase bigger Samsung TV screen, you can prefer UHD TV. This TV provides a high density of the seamless pixels when viewed from the same distance like smaller FUD TV. This results in reduced eyestrain. When compared to traditional FHD TVs, it has a noticeable difference in the image quality.

Best Display Technology for the Optimal Viewing Experience

While speaking about display technology, there are many display technologies available in the market, which offers many benefits in terms of lifespan, picture quality, affordability, and design. Currently, LED display technology is satisfying the consumer needs in both affordability and quality.

As the leader in the LED TV industry, Samsung has enhanced its LED technology a lot by integrating quantum dot technology in its new Samsung’s TV. This new technology provides the viewers an ultimate and immersive TV viewing experience. Additionally, Samsung makes LED TVs eye-catching slim and even curved possible.

Do not Worry about Surface Glare

Do you wish to enjoy watching TV in the sunlit room thana dark room? Are you worried a lot about surface glare? If yes, then opt for Samsung high-resolution TV as it is equipped with HDR (high dynamic range) to increases the luminance level of the display. This makes you see every detail sharply even in the dark and bright room. Samsung TVs now offer advanced HDR 100 to make you watch TV in the sunlit room freely.

Lifespan and Design of the TV

Design and lifespan of TV are the most important aspects to consider. Samsung offers ultimate and superior design in its TV ranges to attract consumers. According to the recent report, people replace TV every 7-8years. The company also uses the latest technology for the longerlifespan of TV displays, which resistant to defects and impurities.

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