Tuesday 07 March 2023

New Dimensions To Give Wings To Website Designing Businesses

New Dimensions To Give Wings To Website Designing Businesses

Website designing has gone through a complete metamorphosis from the earlier simple HTML pages with text content to the multimedia rich sites that are galore on the Internet. If we carefully analyze the new trend in web designing then we find that thanks to the widespread use of a program like WordPress, more and more websites are looking alike. To make your website appear different you need to do a few things.

  1.    Create a unique identity with fonts: Fonts play an important role in creating an image of your website. Through creative use of fonts, you can convey to the user whether your website is a formal static one that dispenses information or the fun, informal type that allows the visitor to not only interact with the website but also do it in an interesting way. However, before you choose upon a font, make sure that it is compatible across browsers and can also be displayed on most devices.
  2.    Use animation to convey an idea: Providing information about highbrow technical stuff can be pretty boring. However, you can make the whole process more entertaining if you use a lot of animation.  Animation not only lightens the overall mood of the article but also allows you to convey serious stuff in an easy way.

Animations can be used in different spheres like the background, motion, scrolling, hover, slideshows, navigation, loading and a host of others to give the visitors an amazing experience. If you want to try your hand in creating the best web design company in India, then it is important for you to learn the usage of animations effectively while designing a website.

  1.    The concept of hero image: This new tack is used by many website designers to attract visitors to their site. In this method, a big and very attractive image is selected for the website on which text messages are overlaid which the visitor has to scroll to read. While choosing the image to make sure that it looks awesome in all kinds of devices of different screen sizes.
  2.    The importance of micro-interaction: If you desire to make your company the top ranked web design company in India, then always try to better yourself with each job. The best way to do this is by working on the feedback from the users of the websites you have designed. One important way to get a viewer’s reaction and keep them engaged to the website is by providing micro interaction on the website itself. This could range from clicking on a picture (the viewer likes) to filling a small form.

However, make sure that this micro-interaction should be done judiciously because overuse of them may irritate the user. Micro interaction allows the website designers to analyze the likes and dislikes of the average users and suitably alter the design or content to make the website more attractive.

  1.    Using background videos to prove a point: Background videos are a wonderful tool to give viewers the gist of what to expect in the websites through simple points. Explaining something through the audio-visual medium is easier than through several paragraphs of texts. These videos allow you to make the viewer understand the info quickly. In addition, if the viewer is accessing the website through his or her smartphone, then the importance of background videos increases dramatically as it is difficult to scroll through the entire website on the small screen.

As with other spheres related to technology, website designing is also changing rapidly and what is novel today is passé in a few years. So, keeping yourself updated regularly with changing trends is the key mantra to succeed in this field.