Tuesday 28 November 2023

New Film Releases Of Summer 2017

Whether you’re young, old, or in the middle, something nearly everyone looks forward to each summer are new releases at the box office. So far, 2017 hasn’t disappointed with well-anticipated hits such as Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and there are many more new movies set to hit the screen before summer’s end.

One thing that may new movies have in common is their technology. Of course, we all know about CGI and other technological advances when it comes to film, but you don’t often hear about what goes on behind the scenes to help improve film quality. For anticipated releases such as The Mummy, camera angles have to be perfect, and everything has to be completely in order behind the scenes so that actors can bring the screenplay to life. Many camera operators and directors have been instilling the use of technology such as a camera slider to help make filmmaking more seamless.

Completely quiet and easy to move, camera sliders let you move the camera easily from side to side to take many different types of shots. Imagine quiet, reflective scenes within the tumultuous story of Tupac Shakur’s life in All Eyez on Me. The camera must be able to pan during concert scenes, but also catch emotion and turmoil during quiet scenes. To see camera sliders in action, check out a camera slider gallery.

In addition to sliders, new and upcoming equipment being used by film companies includes the Chapman Leonard dolly. A dolly is a special wheeled cart that allows the cameraman to make perfect horizontal movements. For action movies such as the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight, this is a must. Advanced camera technology really allows all of the latest movies to be completely brought to life and realistic, whether you’re viewing them in a theater, or in the privacy of your own home.