Wednesday 05 October 2022

NEX Datacenter: Colocation Server Indonesia

In this generation, many people demand more of the needs of supporting information. Information is very crucial in this modern world because information can bring advantage and disadvantage for various elements of society in the world. In this case, a media for the supporting information like a server is getting more and more important, either for a company, institution, or even personal reason. The highly-needs of a server are as a result of the sense of competition in Information Technology (IT) that is increasingly stringent. Among of all supporting information like a server, there is a colocation server. Colocation server is a server that is stored in a place where the tenant of it needs a security, stability of electric current as well as Internet connection. This server is usually used for whatever the tenant want to do. The place to keep the server is called as data center. It means that the company or users do not have to keep the server in the company building. It can help the company for ensuring that the data center will not reduce the efficiency in the company associated with the data saving need of the company. One of the companies that provides colocation server Indonesia is NEX Datacenter.

NEX Datacenter: Colocation Server Indonesia

Looking for the best collocation server provider in Indonesia can be challenging but NEX Datacenter is Indonesia’s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centers. There are a number of organizations in Indonesia that use their services. It is because their highly-connected, resilient and secure data centers allow them to do some things, such as increasing IT operations, decreasing overall risk, and also letting them to pay attention more on their main business. Additionally, some companies also use the data centers to create a connection with other companies. Using colocation data center in fact is useful for helping users to do this more easily. These make them to have a great reputation in reliability, flexibility, transparency, and excellence in service delivery. NEX Datacenter is also known for their colocation server Indonesia and this can be the good reason for relying the collocation server need from this company.

NEX Datacenter has built and operated a colocation server in Jakarta, Indonesia. With their many experiences, it can be said that customers can rely on this company, especially when they want to have a great facility for their technical, web, and IT infrastructure. In this data center, they offer several solutions about colocation server for the customers. The first one is about resilient power in which they have fully redundant and resilient power supplies, at a minimum of N+1, ensure guaranteed time. The second thing is cooling. In their data center, they use Dual Cooling System, which are Air Cooled and Chilled Water. This system is already strong enough for the most complex high-power density deployment. The third one is about the security. In this part, they already have an extensive physical security like round-the-clock monitoring security guard, biometric and perimeter identification access card. The fourth solution is about the energy efficiency. Their data centers are already designed with new technology and innovation so it can be operated as efficiently as possible. The fifth solution is about intelligent fire protection. The data centers have placed advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression system so the level of fire hazard can be minimized at its lowest point. With these solutions, colocation server Indonesia by NEX Datacenter can be relied on.