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Offer Love and Joy: 12 Nifty Gift Ideas For New Moms In 2018

Offer Love and Joy: 12 Nifty Gift Ideas For New Moms In 2018

Assist new moms in celebrating the birth of their new bunch of joy by surprising them with useful and thoughtful gifts.

For the new parents seems to have many of the regular supplies they will need for the first months. What you can offer is a present that will help them provide little more time to relax and concentrate on the new member of their family.

In case that you want to help new moms find time to satisfy at home or celebrate their expanded family, she’ll appreciate the following gift ideas below.

Quick Zip Crib Sheet

The creative design of crib sheet will save new moms from tangling with their baby’s bedding when the time comes to exchange the sheets. Instead, they will have to zip the upper portion of the crib off before washing.

Baby-proof Board Books

Offer Love and Joy: 12 Nifty Gift Ideas For New Moms In 2018

You may think that storytelling is all about reading books, but for babies, it is indeed about grabbing the pages, and the regular children’s books may get easily ripped. Hence, consider giving new moms those sturdy board books which are quite much baby-proof.

They can’t just stand up to your baby’s wandering fingers; also, many of them combine textured elements that promote physical exploration.

Stroller Bike To Roam Around

This bike has a built-in stroller that is much more comfortable and stable than a regular bike with an infant’s seat attached to the rear portion. Most of the bikes come in three wheels to provide extra balance, and since the child is upfront, parents always have a view of them.

Protection Pad Will Do It

Babies are vulnerable to sneak attacks of poop or pee, and the last thing you have to do after dressing your baby is to wash those dirty changing sheets. That is why it is important to add waterproof protection to your pad cover.

An inexpensive and simple plastic-backed pad will do the task. Whether your baby gets to pee or poop on you, the extra layer will prevent the leaks and keep you away from having the mess on your hands.

Survival Basket Full Of Joy

Make the first weeks of parenting just a bit easier for new moms by giving them a survival basket. You’re free to include healthy snacks so moms can keep their energy high, also include DVDs for sleepless evenings and some shower gels.

Some survival kit concept may consist of stain remover, sets of batteries for all equipment of the new baby, and few comfortable pillows.

Help the new moms’ souvenir saving by incorporating a blank scrapbook, a  foot or hand plaster kit, parenting magazines with the most important pages bookmarked, a small record book carved with the initials of the baby and a journal of the day of the baby’s birth for a remembrance.

Warm Slippers for Cold Nights

Offer Love and Joy: 12 Nifty Gift Ideas For New Moms In 2018

New moms may go up and down at night which may keep her feet seem unable to keep a peaceful balance. Thus, it is essential for her to wear a warm pair of slippers. These cozy item will be used a lot by new moms to keep their feet warm during the cold nights.

High Chair For Travel

You can’t drag your high chair with you when going to a restaurant. But at least there is one device that will cut down the confusion when dining out with your baby and that is a portable travel chair.

You can fix them easily onto the edge of any dining table. Plus, you can store this chair in the compartment of your car. Travel chair is not just ideal for restaurants. It’s also perfect for vacation trips too.

Mophie Rechargeable Phone Cases

New moms want to catch every single moment of their new baby. Thus, Mophie creates a protective case for the phones that also recharges the phone’s battery. You simply have to change the flip of the case when the phone’s battery is running low, and the protective case will bounce into action.

Plus, this phone case is baby-proof, so moms don’t have to worry if their babies grab and drop their phones.

Offer Those Comfy Top Wears

Getting in shape will take a while after having a new baby, so flowy, loose top wear will aid new moms relax around in comfort. Also, it will make her breastfeeding easier. Some brands manufacture stylish button-downs, tanks, and a loose-fitting long shirt that are stylish and comfortable and which you can shop at stores like Deal Wiki and other clothing sites online.

Pull Over Jacket for Moms and Babies

Whether a new mom is going to the grocery or walking, there is a high chance that she will be taking her newborn. Though wearing the baby is the easiest way to carry them for long periods of time, doing it during cold times is much more difficult.

However, nothing is more comfortable than a pullover jacket that makes carrying of newborn easier. It also allows moms to place it on over the dress of the baby to provide them the added protection from the cold weather.

Food Certificates for Full Tummy

Once the newborn arrives, moms will be spending more time and effort with the baby than cooking in the kitchen. The pain from giving birth and nursing can leave new moms exhausted. Thus, giving them some food tokens can save effort and time of cooking.

And the food served right on her doorstep is such a blessing which will save her from further exhaustion due to cooking. However, make sure the coupons you give would have the healthy meal options, as she must pack up nutrients.

Present Gear for Entertainment

Offer Love and Joy: 12 Nifty Gift Ideas For New Moms In 2018

Typically, there isn’t a lot that new moms can do in those late night nursing. For example, holding a book for reading will require lights, but lights may end up waking the baby. Thus, give the new moms the gift of entertainment with Nook Color. It’s lightweight and cozy to hold even in one hand. This gadget is backlit for reading during nighttime.


After months of pregnancy and a difficult delivery, if there are people who will need all the care and pamper, they should be the new moms. They’ve been through a lot of pain and nursing the baby seems to be a serious task.

Presenting her with physical and emotional assistance is always welcome. But, there are also other ways to make them happy. Hence, whether you are going to visit the new member of their family in the hospital or going to a baby shower, don’t buy gifts just for the babies but for the new moms also.

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