Monday 20 September 2021

Online Marketing vs. SMS Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing is all the rage nowadays The only resources a business needs in order to advertise itself, its products or its services online is an internet connection and any device that can successfully connect to the internet. When marketing something online, a business can be as descriptive as they want to, and doing so gives the target audience a better look into the business, product or service being marketed, substantially elevating the chances of potential customers being turned into actual customers.

Online Marketing vs. SMS Marketing

However, online marketing is not without its fair share of flaws. In online marketing, since a promotional message is shared across the entire globe to an extremely broad spectrum of people, there is no guarantee that the message will reach the target audience, which is why online marketing can be a hit or miss affair.

SMS Marketing

Before online marketing came into the mix, SMS marketing such as SMS marketing Singapore was the most popular medium used to promote products, businesses and services. Many a SMS marketing service has taken advantage of the popularity of the promotional medium back in the day, but is now barely holding its own. SMS marketing is an extremely innovative promotional medium, the highlight of which is the fact that it is capable of making sure that a business’s message reaches its target audience. While online marketing is mostly hit or miss when it comes to helping a business reach its target audience, SMS marketing tends to get the job done.

In SMS marketing, promotional texts are sent to the target audience, and there is absolutely no possibility of any members of the target audience not receiving the texts, provided that their phones are turned on and they’re not ancient dinosaurs who don’t know how to operate phones. SMS marketing is a more direct and targeted approach to the advertisement of a business, product or service, and while it is more effective, it is also more costly and requires more resources.


Online Marketing and SMS Marketing both have their virtues and their disadvantages. While online marketing is cheaper and hit or miss but provides the target audience with a better view and understanding of the entity being advertised, SMS marketing is more effective but is less descriptive and costs more. Online marketing is better suited if want needs to be advertised is a product or service, whereas SMS marketing works best if what is being advertised is a business or a service provided by a business. The ideal method of marketing depends solely and completely on the object of the advertisement campaign.