Thursday 03 June 2021

Open The Doors To A Promising Career With Project Management Certification

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People usually enter the job market once they complete their college. Most of them face a number of rejections in the process of job hunting a couple of times before actually acquiring one. But there is always a difference between any type of job and a good job. And, to be honest landing up with a good job in a cut throat, competitive job market is a tough task. One needs to constantly upgrade his competitive skills in order to add value and be an asset for an organization. Here are some of the major plus points of acquiring certification in Project Management:-

Open The Doors To A Promising Career With Project Management Certification

PMP Certification adds more weight to your resume

Most of the MNCs you would come across give precedence to PMP as a an eligibility criteria for hiring project managers. Though experience and skill will make you a good candidate for the job, a certification in Project Management will help you highlight your knowledge and skills in the best possible manner to prospective recruiters.

Clients prefer managers with PMP certification

If you go by the ongoing trends in certain industries such as IT, you will find that most of the leading companies usually like and want their projects to be handled by PMP professionals. Under these circumstances, a PMP certification will prove to be an added bonus and give you the opportunity to handle projects of high profile clients.

PMP certification provides better networking opportunities

As per a report of PMI’s publication PMI Today, there are nearly 36,000 PMI members across the world and their numbers are going up. PMI often conducts meetings in major metropolitan cities. Attending these meetings will help you earn Professional Development Units(PDUs) which will enable you to renew your certification every three years.

These meetings will provide you with interesting insights about fresh career opportunities since they have often have time slots allotted for everyone to share their views on job opportunities available across different organizations.

Prospects of getting a higher salary are good with PMP certification

Project managers with PMP certification are highly paid across different industries. If you follow the 2010 PMI Salary Survey, you will find that PMP certified project managers across 6 countries had a $10,000 USD advantage over their non-PMP certified counterparts.

Therefore, to have a better salary package, a PMP certification will give you a competitive edge.

Acquiring PMP certification enhances your project management skills

Once you spend a reasonable amount of time and money to acquire a certification, it will signify your deep interest and knowledge related to the domain of project management. Moreover, unlike other professional courses like computer applications and business management, PMP certification cannot be obtained only by studying theory. It provides every professional or even enthusiasts, an opportunity to test their project management skills.

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