Optical Illusion Museums – Asia’s Newest Craze

You know what’s the latest craze in Asia? Museums of the special kind! We are talking about optical illusion museums. In this article, we are going to list a few of the notable museum of such kind in Asia.

Click Art Museum, India

Click Art Museum is India’s one of the first optical Illusion in the country. The Click Art Museum is located in Chennai. It boasts more than 47,000 visits since the day it opened.

Just like any optical illusion museum, you will be in awe the moment you step inside. It’s like being Alice in Wonderland.

Click Art Museum displays 24 huge optical illusion artworks that you can interact, have fun and take pictures. The fee is 150 rupees for adults and 100 rupees for children. It’s not exactly cheap for India’s standards, but that does not keep them from flocking into the museum. In fact, the museum receives up to 2,000 visitors per day on the weekends.

Alive Museum, Singapore

Alive museum is not only one of the first optical illusion museums in Singapore, but it’s also one of the biggest. It houses approximately 10,000 square feet of fun and interactive optical illusion exhibits. Also, there are about 80 optical illusion artworks that you can have a good laugh and take pictures with. In fact, Alive Museum has so many exhibits that it overflows outside the main exhibit halls. Yes, you can pose and take pictures for free for the exhibits displayed outside the main halls of Alive Museum.

Another great thing about Alive Museum is that they offer free WiFi access within the halls. This means that you can take pictures and post them to your social media pages immediately.

Alive Museum is a fun destination for children of all ages. It’s open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Although, the last admission will be around 9:00 PM. You can check Alive Museum In Suntec City Mall, Singapore.

Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

It seems that optical illusion museum are getting popular in Singapore. Trick Eye Museum is another entry and it also situated in Singapore. Singaporeans do love their optical illusion museum. In fact, Singaporean travel agencies reported that optical illusion museums are one of the top customer’s wish lists.

Trick Eye Museum is situated in Sentosa island. It’s a bit tricky to find. In fact, it’s easier if you just remember that it’s located behind the Universal Studios.

Although Trick Eye Museum is huge, but it still packs a large crowd. So you might want to visit when it is quieter.

Jeju Alive Museum, South Korea

A lot would say that the optical illusion museum craze started in South Korea. It wouldn’t be surprising as Jeju Alive Museum is one of the biggest optical illusion museums in Asia. This means you get to enjoy more content and more “leg room” to maneuver.

In Jeju Alive Museum, there are 5 major categories of artwork you get to pose, take pictures and enjoy. There is the province, object art, digital art and trick art. You can expect to spend 2 hours easily interacting with the different art exhibits. Hence, plan ahead.

Jeju Alive Museum opened last September 2012. It charges around 9,000 KRW for the entrance, and it located near the Jung Um attractions.

Grand Illusion, Malaysia

Grand Illusion is one of the first optical illusion attraction in Malaysia. It opened last November 2014, and it’s becoming one of the most visited attractions in Kota Kinabalu City.

It’s a 2-story building filled with varying art exhibits that you can interact and enjoy.

The museum is open for all ages. However, it’s recommended that your child needs to be at least 5 years of age to fully enjoy the experience.

Trick Eye Museum, Hong Kong

If you have noticed the pattern, Trick Eye museum is actually a chain of optical illusion museum spread across Asia. Since Hong Kong is one of the major destination in Asia, it’s not surprising for the Trick Eye Museum to make an appearance in the area.

The Trick Eye Museum, Hong Kong is located in the Peak Galleria Mall. It offers the same fun, excitement and interaction as you commonly experience in such kinds of museums.

Art Island, Philippines

Art Island may not be the first optical illusion museum in the Philippines, but it’s certainly the biggest in the country. It’s currently located in Cubao, Quezon City. It’s actually pretty huge with a total square area of 4,100 square meters. In fact, you will need about 3 hours to fully enjoy the museum.

Entrance fee is around 500 PHP for adults and 400 PHP for students. Children up to a certain age also can get cheaper tickets. If ever you visit Manila, Philippines, it’s certainly one of the best places to visit to have fun and relax.

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