Patio Furniture Trends

Along with pleasantly arranged interior always goes comfy, inviting and modern patio atmosphere, which allows house owners to experience full enjoyment within the comfort of their homes. However, backyard is not anymore the space for occasional barbecuing and from time to time gatherings, since people realized that it can be translated into functional, fully equipped and extremely comfortable everyday hideout. Plenty of innovative furniture and materials offer dozens of outdoor arrangement ideas which are going to be seen in many backyards this year. We present you some of the greatest patio furniture trends for 2015:

Multipurpose Patio Areas

The combination of various usages within outdoor space is becoming particularly popular, especially because there’s an aim to make outdoors available during the whole day and for different occasions. Sofas, benches and coffee tables are now not only used for laid-back enjoyments, since they now come with installed drawers and cabinets which can serve as useful bookcases or storages. Similar goes with tables and chairs, whose design allows setting a functional dining area or as comfy spot for casual evening gatherings.

Sophisticated Wooden Furniture

Moving further from metal patio chairs and tables traditionally used in the past, patio furniture sets are now more oriented to quality and contemporarily designed wooden pieces. To highlight natural note throughout the outdoor space, wicker furniture continues to be excellent solution, especially armchairs, ottomans and tables with modern lines and neutral nuances, which can be combined with bright covers and stone, metal and glass decor. Apart from rattan pieces which can follow vintage, classic or bohemian style, you can welcome contemporary versions made of waterproof hardwood. Space cohesion is also easily achievable, since simple designer timber furniture is easy to match with other decor elements and excellent choice for elegant patio appearance.

Unavoidable Fire Pits

Upcoming patio trends are definitely embracing the combination of indoor and outdoor elements, where fire pits, thanks to its irresistible stylishness and the warm spirit they spread, present a centrepiece of outdoor space. Apart from classic brick fire pit within one of the backyard walls, you can also install them on your balcony, and it can be built from natural stone, with rustic metal frames or enriched with ultra modern glass parts. Since fire pits create fascinating sense of serenity and pleasantness, it’s perfect to set them next to your seating nook, or to choose astonishing fire pit table to be the dazzling part of your patio ambient.

Great Patio Kitchens

The idea of translating backyards into outside reflection of comfy interior is absolutely amazing, so even kitchens are greatly welcome in your outdoor oasis. It can go from fully equipped cooking area with installed grill parts to simple outside bar where you can prepare seasonal meals and enjoy drinks with your friends. The most attractive patio kitchens include high, stone or brick desks, authentic bar chairs and modern appliances such as in-built ovens, stoves with flat tops or large drink cabinets.

Modern furniture design, interesting contours, textures and colours along with cohesion of indoor and outdoor elements will definitely be prevailing features of stylish patio areas. This will particularly delight all those who long for day to night outdoor time just a step from their interiors.

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