PBX Panasonic Analogue Phone System Review

Are you interested in any of the recently introduced Panasonic devices? In this article, we will review the helpful features of Panasonic models KX-TEA308, TEM824, and TES824 analogue PBX lines.


Telephone system is the main link to connect with the world. It is an essential business communication tool that connects you to suppliers, clients, partners, employees, friends, and family.

ip pbx  panasonic models mentioned above can efficiently support your personal and business communication needs, at low cost. It is available with three pre-configured outside lines along with 8 extensions. It means you can expand it easily up to 8 configured outside lines along with 24 extensions.

Businesses on budget can find the sophisticated features offered suitable to fulfill their demands. Different devices can be used with this PBX system like cordless phones, credit card verifies, answering machines, computer modems, fax machines and any other device, which works with usual telephone lines.

PBX Panasonic analogue phone systems are perfect for small businesses or home offices. It provides a flexible, sophisticated, and cost-effective communication system.

Rich Features

Three level automatic reception – Callers get access to any extension with voice guidance. Three level options will be given and the caller will be automatically directed to needed extension. Operators get sufficient time to handle vital clients because this feature decreases the number of traffic, they have to deal with.

Flexible SMS routing – SMS can be conveyed between mobile phones and fixed lines.

In-built voice message – No need to include a separate voicemail. Mail-box is customizable, so messages can be stored in your personal mailbox directly.

Caller ID display – Users can view caller’s ID, before answering the telephone. The entire system includes 300 common logs, which adds to convenience.

UCD – Uniform call distribution allows sharing incoming calls evenly to other extensions for quick and efficient handling.

Forwarding – When you are not available at your desk intercom, incoming or transferred calls can be forwarded easily to another extension.

Door phone, door openers, or door bells – Two to four door phones are supported. When the door bell button gets pushed, an internal extension rings a unique chime that allows visitor to interact with user.

Restriction – Unauthorized international calls can be prohibited by restricting area codes.

Other features include fax detection, 5-party conference, message waiting, account code entry, limited call duration, room monitor, ringing pattern and intuitive customization & maintenance, electronic station lock and emergency.

Advantages of PBX Panasonic


PBX Panasonic Analogue phone system price commences at around $200, without including VAT. Cost depends on the supplier. However, you can request a quotation directly from the respective companies or from online dealers. Some dealers provide special packages or/and free accessories. Compare PBX phone system quotes and select an appropriate one in accordance to your needs.

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