Wednesday 12 May 2021

Perfumes For The Teenage School Going girls

Body mists are an integral part of most of the people’s daily care routine but not all fragrances suit the every age group. When it comes to the teenage body mists they must be such that they seem to belong to someone young and petite. For girls who are into high school, the fragrances must be sweet and lightly scented and not much ladylike. Here are few of the options that are designed perfectly for the school going teenage souls.

D&G light blue perfume

Dolce and gabbana has options in body mists for almost every age group; be it the old aged or the middle aged or even young girls. It is no secret that D&G is the favourite brand for most of us in perfumes. You also get some free perfume samples for trying out and only then you should finalise the perfume. The light blue perfume is the best for teenage girls as it carries some very light notes from bamboo, granny smith and Jasmine.

Juicy Couture, Viva La juicy

Juicy couture is the favourite brand of most of the teenage girls but this particular fragrance; viva la juicy from them is surely the best to pair with the high school. It is not much overwhelming and is much aery and light in its aroma. The smell is somewhat addicting and this is the reason why people who use this fragrance make it a habit to use only this fragrance for themselves.

Christian Dior- Miss dior Cherie

Christian dior is one designer who has a very good understanding of chemistry of the human body. The Miss dior cherie fragrance from the couture of Christian Dior is something worth trying for every person. It comes with a blend of musk, violets, patchouli and mandarin. It is a very pretty fragrance and is also extremely unique.

Vera Wang – princess

Vera wang is known for creating some of the most beautiful wedding dress kind of perfumes which are perfect for the teenagers. It is a cool and light fragrance with the blend of floral notes in them. The mist is well concentrated scents of dark chocolates, water lily, lady apple and floral nodes. The perfume is somewhat flirty and perfect for a teenage date night.

Victoria’s Secret – SuperModel

Although, the pink collection from Victoria’s secret is much known for the teenage mist but the Supermodel is yet another very excellent one for the teengarers. These perfumes come with me some very floral fragrances which have a blend of berry and fruity and fragrances. Apart from that some creamy sandalwood can also be smelled out from the same.

These are the few perfumes that go well with the teenage girls. You can use any of these for wearing to your school and even to date nights. For choosing them better you can get a free perfume sample and try them out.

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