Wednesday 29 November 2023

Planning To Buy Outdoor Security Camera? Know About The Hidden Dangers

Today most of the households are considering home security cameras. The main agenda behind it is to prevent any unauthorized access. But from time and again you must have heard about security cameras getting hacked and information getting leaked. So simply what was supposed to make your life easier has turned out to be a threat.

So when you buy outdoor security camera, you need to consider about their positions as well as what they are pointed towards. This will help you maintain privacy while keeping your home secure.

To help you out, I have compiled a list of things you must consider when you plan to buy security cameras as well as place them.

Keep your Address Off the Stream

Never install a camera facing the front door of your home with house number and other details. If a hacker hacks into your system he will easily find out your IP address and know your locality. With house number and other details he will be able to easily zero on the address.

Yes, it doesn’t sound great to know that someone in other part of the world knows your home, keeps a watch as well as knows what you ordered from Amazon, right? Again it may even lead to prank home deliveries and other problems.

I am off

We all follow some daily routines. For a normal hacker, it may not interest him anymore when you have left home but, things are not the same with criminals. This helps them know your routine and plan an attack or try to enter your home accordingly.

So it would be better to not leave any traces of your daily habits. Once you come under their radar things are not easy to get back.

Always make sure to follow different routines in front of the camera or try to avoid the cameras altogether.

Is there Anyone Home?

If you have a camera pointing the front door then you will know who are there at your door, who opened the door, when you left the home, when you came back, and such kind of stuff. But, if someone else is viewing the camera security streaming they will know all the details about the number of people in home as well as when the house is normally empty.

Again if you happen to buy outdoor security camera for your garage, then it can also get them the hint about when you are home.

Better add up some smart gear to your home so that it gives the illusion that someone is at home. Nowadays you can find number of such things that you can run using a smartphone. All you have to do is to install the devices and connect them to the phone through the app.

Are the Cameras Enough?

When you buy the security cameras just check you have enough number of them. If the hackers find that all the points of your home are not covered they will understand that there some entry points which is uncovered.

So once any cold spots are tracked by them, there are more chances that they can turn out to be vulnerable for your home.

Stay away from the Cameras

Of course they are yours but, you had them because to track criminals who try to intrude your property. So it would be better to keep yourself away from them. You don’t want the hackers to know your vulnerable side, right. So pointing cameras towards the living room or bedroom is a big NO.

Getting a peep into your bedroom can result in getting nude picture of the family member or capturing some private moments which can later turn into blackmailing.

So no cameras should be installed pointing the doors or windows. In the same way,avoid them in your bedrooms, bathrooms and the living space.

Secure your Cameras

We have put up some dangers that can happen if your cameras are not secured and made sure to offer you some solutions too. But then, if you have internet security cameras you must take up steps to secure them. Understand that even the amateur hackers can get into them.

Updating your router and enabling the firewall is a good practice. For better security plan to set up a hardware firewall too.

So, do you have a secured home security camera? Have it been anytime leaked? Want to share your experiences? Any adviceson how to buy outdoor security camera? Say it in the comment.