Tuesday 11 May 2021


You may have heard about a life insurance, property insurance, marine insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, medical insurance and even ring insurance. But did you know you could also have your wedding day insured? Yes, you can. After all, your wedding expense is one of the costliest services; you would bear in your lifetime. It’s only a practical and wise to protect the financial investment you put towards your wedding.

What all get covered in wedding insurance?

  • Wedding cancellation
  • Rearrangement of wedding
  • Personal accident/liability
  • Wedding engagement rings /suppliers/ dress/grooms attire
  • Wedding gifts
  • Legal expenses

What does not qualify for wedding insurance?

  • Rainy days
  • Wedding cancellation on account of cold feet would not be considered.
  • Not all wedding insurance policies cover honeymoon
  • You won’t be able to claim wedding insurance on account of poor service be it: food, photos.

Why do you need wedding insurance?

The following reasons can ruin your happiest moments:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Damage to bridal attire, marquee
  • Loss of wedding photography
  • Bankruptcy or liquidation of dress or another wedding supplier
  • Death or injury of a bride, groom or other family members

How will you file a claim?

  • Firstly you need to be sure about the type of claim before filling it with an insurance agency. It can be cancellation/postponement, photography, and video, wedding attire/jewelry/gift/, professional counseling coverage.
  • Gather all the necessary information to get your claim properly sorted like:
  • Your policy number;
  • Details of any loss or damage and how much the claim is for;
  • If something was stolen, police crime reference number;
  • Names and addresses of anybody involved in the incident, including the witnesses.
  • Most insurers give a month after the incident to make a claim. When you make a claim, you would have to reach out to the claim insurer on the number mentioned in the policy document and narrate them the incident.
  • You will get a claim form, which you have to fill, mentioning the details of the incident.
  • Make sure to end your form back with supporting evidence and documents. Evidence can include original receipts, bank or card statements, purchase dates, the location of lost or damaged property, confirmation from a qualified expert.

There are two ways that most insurers settle the claim:

  • Covering the cost of the claim directly
  • Paying out a fee of the claim for you

If your claim is accepted, you will have to pay an amount set out in your policy, towards the cost of the claim. This amount is called excess. If the insurer settles the claim for you, then you will have to pay the excess to the insurer.

Nobody wants that such an important day of their life gets ruined, but none can control and stop the inevitable. That’s why we recommend you protect your financial investment on the wedding by purchasing an adept wedding insurance policy from a reputed and highly referred local insurance agency like Childressinsuranceagency, Cabot that will provide insurance coverage for your wedding at an affordable price and also facilitate multi-policy discount.

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