Tuesday 21 September 2021

Plant Hire In Essex – Aspects You Need To Remember

Plant Hire In Essex – Aspects You Need To Remember

When looking for companies that offer plant hire in Essex, you should ensure that you have compiled all the information about the job you are planning to undertake beforehand. Although all good plant hire firms will be willing to offer their very best advice and guidance, it is still advisable to be suitable armed with as much information as possible. Not only will this be of help to the plant hire company but it will also ensure you get the right equipment for your exact requirements.

Plant Hire In Essex – Aspects You Need To Remember

What is your access like?

It may seem an obvious point but many people forget just how big certain plant hire equipment can be. This is particularly true when hiring machinery such as excavators and diggers. It is advisable to take accurate measurements of the areas that you will need to access with the hire machinery, both in terms of the width and the height. Also remember to check for any possible fixed obstacles, such as outside taps and drainpipes. How level the ground is in the relevant area will also make a difference to the ease of access.

Once it has been determined what size equipment you will be able to work with in terms of access, you will then need to estimate just how much earth you will need to move and how deep you will need to go if you need to excavate something. These factors will all have a bearing on the size of machinery best suited to your requirements. Armed with this information, firms offering plant hire in Essex will be in a better position to advise you.

Before commencing an excavation project you will need to check for any possible underground obstructions, such as water pipes and gas or electric cables. It is also worth remembering that tarmac can become a little softer during hot weather. At such times it is advisable to put wooden boards down to protect the tarmac from the wheel tracks of diggers and excavators.

Is a licence required to operate plant hire equipment?

Although there is no legal requirement for someone operating hire equipment to hold a licence, there are still some restrictions in force. The majority of construction sites now require all people working on them to be in possession of a valid CSCS card, which includes the operators of plant machinery.

For people who have no prior experience of driving plant hire equipment such as diggers and excavators, most reputable hire companies will ensure that the safe operation of the machinery and the controls are fully explained at the point of delivery.

Responsibility for plant hire equipment

Once plant hire machinery is out on hire, the care and safety of that machinery is the responsibility of the hirer. For a nominal extra charge many plant hire companies offer their own insurance policies against possible damage or even theft; alternatively, many people choose to add the hire equipment to their own household insurance policy for the period of the hire.