Wednesday 28 July 2021

PlayStation 4 or Xbox One On 2016

The era of computer games is moving toward the new branch of development. More and more people are opting for not a simple PC but PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in 2016. Each of us probably knows what these consoles are like. They are very easy to use, easy to understand, and they screen image on a TV and they are controlled with joysticks. Today, many people think about which gaming console to choose: either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One so that they could play the best video games available.


Today, we will try to compare these monsters of the gaming market by several criteria, and give you give you some tips.

Performance Specification

Of course, it is worth starting with the specifications of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One first. This is what many gamers pay attention to when purchasing a particular console.

The CPU. The PlayStation 4 features an eight core processor from AMD. Its frequency is 1.84 GHz. Xbox One also has an eight core processor, which is called APU. Its frequency is 1.75 GHz.

RAM. This is another important parameter that affects the performance. PlayStation 4 uses GDDR5 memory, which has a capacity of 8 gigabytes. In Xbox One, the manufacturer installed the DDR3 RAM, which amounts to the same amount of gigabytes. So, in terms of speed, Playstation 4 is a winner here.

HDD. As for the HDD, it turned out that both consoles have the same number of gigabytes which is 500. At the same time, in PlayStation 4, you can replace the hard drive on your own, whereas in Xbox One you cannot do so. Alas!

Therefore, summing up the above, we can say that in terms of performance, PlayStation 4 is a little bit superior to Xbox One.


Now it is time to compare the two consoles according to their joysticks, which are one of the most important things for a gamer. A joystick should be as convenient as possible, so that it could be used for a several hours in a row. Here, the opinions of experts and customers are different. Both PS4 and Xbox joysticks are really good, however PlayStation 4 joystick now has a touch screen in the middle as opposed to PS3. Many believe that this feature is unnecessary. In Xbox One, everything is more or less clear. Here, the controller has undergone a minimum number of changes as compared to the previous version, so it will be very easy to use for the fans of the last generation consoles. So here, Xbox One is arguably a little bit better.


As for the price, Xbox One is somewhat cheaper than its competitor, which is an additional bonus for people who are going to buy Xbox One.

Summing up

It is now clear that in terms of performance and ergonomics PlayStation 4 is in the lead, however, in terms of usability and price it is a little bit inferior to the competitor. Nevertheless, the best way to choose the console is to try them both and decide which one you like better. Once you have made up your mind, you can go to Kijiji to buy Playstation 4 or Xbox One online.


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