Saturday 08 May 2021

Prepare Yourself For A HR Job In Newcastle

Prepare Yourself For A HR Job In Newcastle

A job in Human Resources can be the start of a highly rewarding, challenging and fascinating career. Whether you are already about to start a new HR role or are just thinking about applying for HR jobs in Newcastle, read on for the steps you need to take to prepare yourself for a HR job.

Get Qualified

If you don’t already have a qualification in Human Resources, then now’s the time. Ideally, a degree or post-graduate qualification will get you well ahead, but you can also think about doing a CIPD course in HR or even a short free online course of which there are many. If you are looking to apply for a HR assistant role and have some experience, then an online course will usually be sufficient to gain an interview, provided you meet all the subsequent criteria.

Think About Communicating?

Being an effective communicator won’t just get you through the interview: it will help with every element of working in HR should you get the job. It’s worth really thinking about your communication skills and focusing on what you are good at and what you need to improve. For example, some candidates are excellent at listening but not so good at getting their point across in an email. Wherever your communication skills need work, focus on getting them up to speed.

Prepare Yourself For A HR Job In Newcastle

Online Learning

There are many areas of HR which you can learn more about online by completing courses that greatly increase your likelihood of both gaining a HR job in Newcastle and more importantly, succeeding in HR. A sound knowledge of Equality and Diversity issues for example, is essential to a successful career in HR. If you feel you could do with learning more about Equality and Diversity, then it’s worth registering with Acas, who provide a free online learning module on the subject. In fact, the Acas e-learning website offers a range of courses that would be helpful for those looking for a job in HR, including ‘Discipline and Grievance’, ‘Bullying and Harassment’, ‘Conflict Resolution’ and ‘Absence Management’.

Thinking About Confidentiality

There’s nowhere in an organisation that someone is required to be as discreet as in HR. Start thinking about how you are going to manage sensitive information and how you will deal with colleagues trying to garner information from you. There’s a fine balance between being open to listening but closed to gossiping.

Thinking About Conflict

Conflict will be an important part of any HR role. Whether you are managing the conflict between two employees or someone has a grievance and is bringing it to your notice, you should think about how you are going to manage this. An effective HR professional will be confident, fair and assertive in the face of conflict.

As you can see, there are a number of steps to go through in order to ensure a more successful entry to the world of HR. Not only will these steps help you get your foot in the door, but they will also help you succeed once you get there.


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