Wednesday 01 March 2023

Productivity Tech: 5 Apps To Improve Employee Focus and Motivation

There are so many types of software available that business of all kinds and sizes have the opportunity to develop custom technical strategies. Social media, analytics, and digital marketing are providing visibility and even forecasting into marketing and branding efforts. But one of the most crucial factors in supporting the bottom line is your own employees. There are all kinds of ideas on ways to motivate them, but you may have never thought of using apps to accomplish this. Here are five products designed to boost your staff’s motivation and focus.

1. TMBC StandOut Enterprise

This is a feedback-based app designed especially for companies in the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry. It provides for private, two-way conversations between the team leader and its members. The team or project leader can give feedback on the execution of works in progress or completed projects to individuals or the group. Team members, in turn, can request explanations, details, or one-on-one meetings for discussion. With TMBC StandOut, business leaders have a confidential channel to offer advice and support while staff can understand their personal contribution, strengths, and weaknesses.

2. Evernote

This app has been around for a few years now, but is still improving and building a huge following. Available in a free version, it allows you to make notes and lists to document your plans, needs, and ideas. A user-friendly interface enables you to organize, edit, archive, and synchronize and share notes as you see fit. This can be done over both desktop and mobile devices. It’s helpful not just for team collaboration but for individuals, personally as well as professionally. With the mobile app, everything you need to know is right in your pocket.

3. Reflektive

This is a handy app that was designed for providing and sharing feedback. It provides immediate criticism, praise, or suggestions from fellow team members. You and your staff don’t always have time to discuss the latest twist or setback. Reflektive gives team members the ability to dash off their thoughts as an email to one or more of their associates. These emails appear with a pop-up tab for quick recognition and access. It allows even remote workers to stay in touch and share reactions with whomever they choose, without impacting workflow.

4. PerfChecklist

This performance review app was created by Entelechy as a convenient way to track an employee’s contribution and progress. The app is based on a Performance Model which correlates business objectives with each team member’s attitude and output. Managers can easily evaluate and gauge each person’s relative contribution to the defined goal. This is done through eight key assessment questions on skills and behavior. PerfChecklist then identifies the most critical factors for positive and negative impact with each employee. It can automatically suggest corrective issues, and record or email results.

5. IActionable

This is a platform for employee management that utilizes gamification, or game-like elements, to track each employee’s performance, engagement, and knowledge retention. Gamification in the workplace provides a more engaging way of employee training and evaluation. It is also a great way to motivate employees. By sharing the results obtained, you can help employees to understand what your expectations are, and how well they’re meeting those goals. Results from the gamification exercises are updated in real time so everyone knows which abilities they need to improve. The natural urge to score better also makes it possible to shape development and provide focus on critical areas.

Productivity apps such as these help your employees to become not only more engaged with what they’re doing, but how it affects their coworkers and the company’s interests. By providing tools that help stimulate better employee performance, you’re building a more productive workforce.