Wednesday 29 November 2023

Professional vs Over The Counter Teeth Whitening

Professional vs Over The Counter Teeth Whitening

Consumers often wonder after a visit to a Surrey dentist if an over the counter product can provide results that are similar to having a teeth whitening procedure at the dentist office. Often cost is one of the considerations and people often wonder if a professional whitening is worth it. Here we have a look at other factors to consider that we hope you’ll find useful.

Professional vs Over The Counter Teeth Whitening

Over The Counter Whitening Products

Over the counter products like Crest whitening strips work however they can be inconvenient to use and don’t reach all your teeth. Their limited to cleaning the front 6 teeth which is fine for those who have caps on their back molars. Unless your teeth a perfectly straight and you have crooked or misaligned teeth these otc products can’t reach these hard to reach spots. There are toothpastes that promise whiter teeth as well but any regular product with tooth whitening ingredients will have the same result. The chemistry of over the counter whitening products tends to be weak so will not have long lasting effect. Still others may even contain higher concentrations of whitening solution than is recommended for users. Although the over the counter products have improved over the years some may produce better results than others so you could be throwing your money away trying to find one that does a good job.

Professional Whitening

Having your teeth professionally whitened is carried out in a more controlled way and often done as part of a full mouth restoration. The whitening is usually done prior to dental restoration then the dental restoration is completed to match your new whiter teeth. An office procedure can leave teeth up to ten shades whiter after one session using a safer concentration of bleach. There’s no waiting to see results with a professional whitening procedure the results are immediately visible unlike an over the counter product. Note that dental insurance may cover some of the cost of a professional whitening procedure.

When cost is a consideration your dentist can make custom bleach trays so patients can use the products the dentist dispenses in the office. The tray is trimmed to fit perfectly over the teeth and along the gumline. This way the bleaching gel is kept off the gums and holds a perfect reservoir of gel on the teeth for a set amount of time. Response from patients using this at home method is very positive and they can keep the trays for future touchups.

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