Sunday 16 May 2021

Quick Tips For A Safer College Dorm Room

So, you’re going out in to the world for the first time, and you may have concerns about safety on campus, but you don’t need to worry too much about that if you take a few precautions. College campuses are very safe in general, and you will quickly meet new friends to hang out with for safety in numbers. This quick guide will hopefully show you a few other ways to stay safe in your dorm.

College Dorm Room

Know Who Your Roommate’s Friends Are

You should have a good idea about who your roommates hang out with and who they invite over to the dorm after a few weeks. Knowing these other people, even just on a basic level, will make the dorm safer. You will know who should be there, and who probably shouldn’t.

If you have doubts about someone who is knocking at the door and asking to come in and see a roommate who is not there at the time, you can always call them and ask. Most people with bad intentions won’t wait around to hear what answer you got from the roommate they were supposedly trying to find.

Secure the Dorm Room Every Time

This one basically comes down to the fact that you can’t be too lazy with locking doors and windows. We’re all guilty of being lazy with many things, but you simply can’t take that chance with home security. Your dorm room is your new home, so act like it.

What this means in basic terms is that you, and everyone else living there, must remember to lock the door and check all windows every time. When you come in – lock the door behind you, even if you know one of your roommates will be coming back soon. Before you leave – check any windows to make sure they’re secure, and then lock the door behind you. You don’t want to be the one who left the door unlocked and allowed someone to come in and steal people’s property. It’s embarrassing for a start, not to mention unsafe.

Clean Out The Fridge

Keeping yourself and others safe on campus is not just about protecting from physical harm or theft – you also need to be wary of getting everyone sick. Set up a system in which everyone labels their own food, and make sure it doesn’t sit around in the fridge for months on end.

It’s fairly common to get food poisoning from eating the wrong things, and when there are multiple people living in one space the effects just get worse. The last thing you want is to be living with a bunch of sick people. It’s not just about the health aspect either – you could actually miss out on important classes and exams if you’re not careful with food.

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