Wednesday 12 May 2021

Quick Workout For Office Workers

Quick Workout For Office Workers

It is normal for the desk workers to have lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and upper back pain. This is the problem of all the office workers whose job is restricted to the desk only. You get these body pains as you spend seven to eight hours in the upright sitting position in front of the computer. These postures bring severe body pain and might result in other health complications after a period of time. You can gain excessive fat in your stomach, suffer from diabetes, and can face indigestion issues. But you can deal with this situation more effectively with a right approach.

You can follow some regular workouts to maintain your body and to get rid of that muscle, joint, back, and shoulder pains. You do not need to visit the gyms and follow rigorous workouts. Instead, you can practice some healthy habits. You can use your free time in the office to practice some simple workouts. You can also motivate your colleagues to join you so that you will feel more inspired. All these exercises are simple but effective.

If you are looking for such exercises then you can follow the below listing. These exercises will improve your overall productivity and at the same time it will decrease the stress level and will create a positive attitude towards the life. And both the beginners and experienced can practice these exercises to get a fit body and to cope up with the long office hours.

Quick Workout For Office Workers

Workout for Neck

You just need to do eight to ten chin tucks to release the strain from the neck and the shoulder that you get by leaning in front of the computer. To start this exercise, you need to relax your body and mind first. And then look straight and tuck chin without making you uncomfortable. Relax a while and then repeat this exercise. Alternatively, you can flex your neck and shoulder once to the left and again to the right. Try this eight to ten times in a day. You can also follow another exercise. Start it by inhaling deeply when shrugging the shoulders and lift the shoulder as high as possible. Then hold your shoulder and relax it slowly. Practice this exercise three times in a day. These exercises will help to release the pressure from the neck, joints, and the shoulder.

Hand and Finger Workouts

You experience discomfort and ache in the fingers due to the relentless and constant typing. To make it feel better, you can simply clench the fists while stretching the hands before you. Then keep the fingers in one direction and make air circles with the fingers while counting ten. After counting the ten, you can change the direction and finally shake the hands.

Forearm and Wrist Exercises

If you spend most of your time on the keyboard and the mouse then this exercise can be an ideal choice for you. It will relax your hand and will keep your hand comfortable during the working hours. To start this exercise, first, stretch the left hand just right before you and keep the fingers pointing to the floor. Now you can increase the stretch with the use of the right hand and also push your fingers along with the body. While doing this exercise, make sure that fingers are in the downward motion. Repeat this exercise with the other hand. Do not force your body. Do it naturally. After practising for a few times, you can stretch the left hand in your front, bend the wrist and point the fingers to the sky. Practice this by pulling the fingers back along with the body. Practice it for both the sides.

Workouts for the Backs

This is an easy exercise. You can simply hug yourself to feel better. Practice this by keeping the right hand on your left shoulder and left hand on the right shoulder. Now you can release the pressure through the inhale and exhale process along with your shoulder. You can repeat this exercise two to three times in a day.

Workouts for the Spine

Desk workers always experience pain in the upper back. It seems stiff and uncomfortable. To deal with this problem, you can take a small towel and slightly rolled it and then attach the towel with the elastic band. Hold this towel in your hand for the regular spine stretch for changing the crouched position. You can also sit on your chair while placing the towel upright along with the central position of the spine. Then you can cross the arms and expand the spine along the back over the towel to make the stretching better. Be in this position for thirty to sixty seconds to feel better and practice this workout once in a day. This will keep the spine healthy and will protect you from the frequent backaches as well.

Leg Workouts

You must have realised that your legs will not be strained if you spend the entire day on a chair. And obviously, you will feel discomfort and stiffness in the lower part of the body. And your hip flexors will be tight and hard. You can improve the condition by following a simple exercise. Drop your knees to the floor one by one. You need to rotate the pelvis with the back while moving the hips in your front. Do this until you do not experience any stretch from the sides of the hip. Practice this simple exercise two to three times in a week to see the improved results.

Eye Exercises

If you spend seven to eight hours in front of the computer screen, then it will unknowingly make your eyes dry and tired. As a result, you will get a headache, discomfort in the eyes, and will feel exhausted. To avoid this situation, you should take a vision break in every single hour. During this break, you can concentrate on some other things. You can simply practice some easy workouts. That will not only improve your eyesight and it also will be helpful for other parts of your body. Five minutes breaks in an hour can truly help a lot to get an active and energetic working environment.

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