Saturday 15 May 2021

Reasons Behind The Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

The North Carolina Workers’ Law has been designed to impart financial and medical benefits to employees for workplace injuries during his/her employment. In North Carolina, employers with three or more employees are required to provide the workers’ compensation insurance. Although, there are employees who face difficulties in getting the sufficient compensation. Are you facing problems in getting the workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina? You need to have thorough information about legal condition for applicability.  Here, the assistance of legal expertise is necessary to claim your rights. The Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm in North Carolina is a collective of reputable and experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys who are well-versed and profound in representing your case in the court.

Apart from the legal assistance of our legal team, we also strive to provide our clients with sufficient information regarding different legal terms and conditions. Also, our team of  Beaufort county attorneys has got the expertise in representing your case in the court. The analytical approach, the strong argument ability, and presence of mind are the vital integral parts in our well-versed Beaufort County Attorneys.  However, if you are getting the claim denial, below can be some essential reasons:

The workplace is not the injury place



The insurance company requires the evidence that will prove that you were injured when you were performing your job duties. On the other side, if the injury accident took place when you were on lunch or commuting towards the restaurant, these factors will be responsible for claim denial.


Failing to notify your employer


The specific time limit has been set to file the workers’ compensation claims. Thus, you need to make sure you are informing your employer about your workplace injury within the time frame. If you fail to inform, it might lead to several repercussions such as inadequate investigation, insurance company or employer may try to prove that you were not injured at the workplace. Get help from a capable workers’ compensation lawyers for a comprehensive consultation.


Failing to provide medical reports


The insurance companies require the medical reports for your injury claims. Even the invasive injury requires to be presented with the authentic medical document. If you are hospitalized or having the minor medical treatment, get the paper document done. Also, they want to know about your pre-existing health condition. So, if you fail to provide such documents, you might face the claim denial.

No witnesses



Another factor that is responsible for claim denial is that you fail to provide any third-party witness that is available at the time of the accident. There can be circumstances where you might be alone while you have got injured. However, you can compensate for the situation with the statements of a medical professional.

Are You Looking For A Beaufort County Attorney?

The Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm believes in getting through the litigation process from square one. Thus, any personal injury case that comes to us, we conduct a thorough inspection of the mechanics of accidents and injuries. If you are facing any personal injury litigation, get the assistance of our profound Beaufort County Attorneys.

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