Reasons To Upgrade Aging Telephone System To VoIP

VoIP telephone system allows businesses to maintain open communication without any worry about huge phone bills. Other advantages of VoIP range from scalability and connectivity to enhanced collaboration efforts internally with staff members and externally with clients.

What is a VoIP Phone?

VoIP business phones provide the same feel and look like regular phones. Handsets used in VoIP system include cradles and buttons like traditional phones. Rather than connecting to standard phone infrastructure, VoIP connects callers via Ethernet cables.

The call is condensed and carried over the IP data networks. If you still have doubts about aging phone system upgrade project, then consider the VoIP gateway benefits listed below.

No need to Invest in Complex Phone Systems

Complex phones are expensive for SMBs. With VoIP telephone system, you can affordably avail the features of sophisticated telephones. The costs are low, because there is no need to invest in equipment or software. It also means no upgrade costs, but you won’t be prohibited from accessing all the advanced features and software upgrades.

All these are easily accessible from the service provider you hire with an affordable monthly rate. Moreover, the system is easy to install and within minutes you can start operating.

Attain Peak Performance Tapping VoIP Experts

VoIP services are accompanied with expert IT personnel, who manage the system’s performance. Check the processing engines and security features of the potential provider to ensure consistent peak performance.

Top-tier technical support needs to be provided 24/7, so that you can attain help, whenever needed.

Enables Employees to go Mobile

VoIP is the best way to stay connected with colleagues via mobile, all the time. Their mobile or tablets or laptops need to be connected with business lines, so that when you call their office number the devices ring. You can apply this to home phones, as well.

Remember, these settings are controllable and they can be switched off or turned on, as needed. For better consumer service, auto attendant is available. Wireless technology allows you to access employees’ calls anywhere and anytime. This is a perfect setting for team projects and emergency calls.

Scalability and Flexibility

In VoIP system, call gets transported through IP data networks. It means there is no restriction to add or cut down lines and extensions. In traditional, phone system upgrading of lines include installation cost as well monthly charges increase.

With VoIP every employee gets their personal phone lines. Since everything about VoIP is economical, you can downsize during economic downturns or grow during seasonal peaks without any hassle.

Features and Quality is Better

Voice quality travelling across the internet can be maintained, at high standards. Many people are under false impression that VoIP services are of low quality. The fact is that the voice quality depends on the internet connection speed provided by service provide.

With reliable and high speed broadband connection, your business telephone system will never experience an issue with voice quality.

Other features like video call, chat capabilities, video conferencing and screen sharing are offered, which are not available in regular phone system. VoIP can be used on every device like laptops, Smartphone, tablets and desktops.

With simple, cost-effective and feature rich VoIP phone system, you can understand the reason of its popularity.

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