Remove Dangerous Trees With A Professional Tree Service Firm

Trees can grow to impressive heights; they come in all shapes and sizes, although, generally the older they are the taller they become. A tall, straight tree is relatively easy to bring down, a wedge can be removed and a higher cut made to ensure it falls in the direction you want it to. The higher cut prevents the tree from twisting as it falls.

However, if you are not a professional it is possible that even this technique can go wrong and the tree will land in the wrong place. It is more risky and involved if the tree which needs to be felled is twisted or made up of several main trunks. It is harder to predict where a tree such as this will land and it could cause serious injury to you, a neighbor or someone’s property. Older trees can also be rotten or a tree may be damaged by strong winds or lightning. Again, this can cause an issue when attempting to fell the tree.

The Options: There are several options when it comes to removing a dangerous tree, it is important to consider which option is right for your current situation:

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