Monday 14 June 2021

What Is The Role Of The Power Generator In June Parties?

What Is The Role Of The Power Generator In June Parties?

We all know how much power generators are required for us. But the demand for power generator is an increase in June especially in Brazil because of the festivals and parties. June is the month of festivals and parties. So let’s checkout role of power generators in June.

How Power Generator Help to avoid June party problems

It is no wonder that in any corner of Brazil the June festivals are an absolute success. Without color light, you just can’t assume the June festivals. So you cannot even think of running out of power – and to make sure the party does not end in darkness, the best solution is to prevent having power generators as support.

The Generator companies offer machines for all party sizes, with a portfolio of products ranging from 14 kVA to 1,875 kVA. In addition, the companies provide full advice on the best equipment for each case, project preparation and guidance on administrative procedures and the best way of installation.

Care in the installation guarantees the best use

Absence of safety and improper installation of equipment can put an end to the joy of any June party, so it is always good to remember that generators should always be installed in a protected place and free of dust, moisture, dripping, rain, acid substance or contact with oils, in order to guarantee its perfect functioning.

Discover the ideal generator for the size of your June party

Between 14 kVA and 30 kVA:

Regardless of the size of the blackout, you guarantee 7 to 18 hours of June party without any concern for generators from 14 to 30 kVA. Compact and modern, with analog or digital control, you can choose between the best engines in the world with the least fuel consumption.

Accessories such as reversing wrenches, cables, general distribution board and automatic transfer board are included. Among these small generators, you can choose between 14 and 22 kVA or between 25 and 30 kVA, the most powerful small non-domestic generators that exist.

Between 55 and 150 kVA:

Choose between 55 to 150kVA power generator which is run between 5 and 13 hours of energy so that nothing gets in the way of your June party. From 55 to 100 kVA you have 3 models at your disposal, 55, 80 and 100kVA, all with low fuel consumption and minimum noise. In this category, you still have the option of 115, 140 and 150 kVA generators. For example, the 115kVA is ideal for parties of short duration and reduced spaces, since it has the same dimensions as the 55, but much more powerful.

Between 170 and 500 kVA:

Some power generator models such as Scania and Cummins (6 models) prove that they are generating power for 8 hours and also guarantee the power of the motor. Guarantee the dance of the gang with generators of 170, 180, 260, 400, 460 and 500 kVA, a wide range of sizes and power that will surely give the best rate for your party.

Between 550 and 1875 kVA:

500 kVA power generator offered by leading companies offer greater power by customizing the use according to your need. In this range of large equipment, you could find 6 to 8 model with the power of 550, 700, 1,100, 1,400, 1,588 and 1,875 kVA etc and accessories such as cables, QTA, QDG, autotransformers, and lifting container.

According to your budget or requirement, order or book ideal power generator for your June party.


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