Sales Force Automation Software

Information is the most powerful weapon of the twenty first century. All successful businesses know how extremely important it is to monitor your customers, existing and potential. To be competitive in today’s rough business environment you need to have a clear understanding of who is your customer and what your customer needs. To define your target group of clients and manage them effectively you need to use the most recent technologies. No matter how big your company is, a small startup or a huge multi-million corporation, you can use the most powerful tools like bpm’online customer management software to manage your leads and analyze their behavior within your company. This simple and clever solution can help to achieve overall control of your sales and marketing.

Obviously, there are tons of sales and marketing software on the market in our days. However, you need to choose software that will perfectly fit your specific requirements. You need to specify your goals and answer a simple question: What features your sales force automation software must have?

Manage your Leads

Almost a half of time of a regular sales rep waste on inefficient exploring. To manage their time effectively your employees should know who their customer is and be able to easily recognize their client’s needs. In the old days salespeople had to remember each client. Now, we have a lot of tools to help us to manage contacts and structure our client database. Sales force automation software helps you to easily organize your leads and have a clear vision of customer behavior within the company. Of course we need more than just some basic contact details. This is why this software contains advanced customer data like their career, profession, preferences, and other. In addition it helps you to track your clients’ behavior on your website and gather all the information about your client from social media. This way you can have the most detailed customer profile you can get.

Mobile Sales Force Automation Software

Gadgets become extremely popular for work in our days; this is why your sales force automation software needs to be cross platform. Sales reps spend much time out of the office meeting with customers. Studies show that 73% of sales representatives are preparing for a meeting in transport, 48% do it in a cafe, and 32% prepare for a meeting some place esle. Just imagine how useful a mobile sales force automation software can be in a situation like this.

Analyze your Client History

To create an effective marketing strategy you need to know everything about your client. This becomes impossible without detailed analysis. Luckily, statistics is one of the main features of bpm’online. You can have full information about client behavior structured and organized. Your sales team will become much more efficient when they will be able to study their previous sales and always have the statistics in front of them.  You can enhance your marketing strategy and see what steps you need to make to improve your statistics.

Document Flow Automation

Only one third of the time of a salesperson is spent on an actual conversation with a buyer, when the rest is spent on paperwork. Imagine how efficient your team would become if the routine processes were automated? It is quite obvious that if your salespersons spend more time talking to clients they will have an opportunity to sell more. Bpm’online can solve this problem for you! You will have all your communication with a client recorded and saved so you would have more time available for your client. You can attach documents to existing profiles and easily create new ones. You can connect your leads and use templates to create documentation.

Opportunity Management

Sales force automation software will improve and optimize every single process in your workflow. You will be able to manage much more information without having a risk of losing something in the process. You will have an opportunity to enhance performance of every salesperson in your company, thanks to the built-in out-of-the-box best practice process. This feature was developed to help you find the short and extended sales cycles and benefit from using previous best practice sales experience with clients.

Studies show that poor management and poor organization is the main reason of company devastation. 72% of companies suffer from this problem every day even though exists a solution.  Obviously, you don’t want your business to fall apart, this is why sales force automation software is highly recommended.

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