Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Expected Features

Samsung is no doubt one of the most trusted brands which are producing electronic devices in the market and is giving a very tough competition to all other companies which are producing the same products which Samsung manufactures.

One such product by Samsung is Samsung Smart Phones in which Samsung has earned a very good name for itself. This has been possible just because of the features as well as the services that Samsung provides to its customers. Samsung has been providing its customers with a lot of exciting features and has been consistent with all the mobile series it has released till date.

The next smart phone which will be released by Samsung is expected to be the next smart phone in the Samsung Note series which is already a big hit all over the world. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be released in 2017. But still the craze is so much in the market that there are already a lot of rumors about this smart phone. These rumors include the specifications, design and price of this smart phone. So, this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be one of the best smart phone in the Samsung Galaxy Note Series having features like never before. This is expected that this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have a very good camera installed in it which will have a 32.0 mega pixels of rear camera and an excellent 9.0 mega pixels of front camera, so that the users of this smart phone can have a new level of photography experience.

Also it is expected that Samsung will have an unbeatable memory in it which means that the Random Access Memory or RAM of this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be 6 GB which is no doubt a big number. So this phone will be fully loaded smart phone. Galaxy S8 and Note 6 would be the next big release to look for.

All these features make this smart phone by Samsung a much awaited smart phone of 2017.

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