Seasoned And Popular Training Aids To Improve Your Game

Golf is a game of class or it has always been termed as an expensive sport. To play golf you have to afford it, and affording to play regular golf is not everyone’s cup of tea.

People say, “you don’t choose your game, the game chooses you” and this proverb is true in the context of golf players. So, it’s mandatory to do proper training and to do so, you have to select the best training that can improve your game. As said earlier, Golf is expensive, hence a wrong selection of training and a lot of money will be wasted.

To help you, here we have listed few training aids that can help improve your game.

There will be multiple pieces of training that you have to do before you can be a pro and hence you must make sure you chose the best one’s first.

How to select the Right Training Aid for improving your Golf?

The answer is by starting with training aids that suffered the heat of time.

The impact bag: The iron bag training method has sustained its position as the best training aid for professionals. All these years, impact bag method has helped a lot of players. In this method, you have to swing your club (iron) and hit a bag repeatedly. This will help you solidify your impact position with your club.

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The heavy clubs: The heavy club aid helps golfers strengthen their golf muscles and improve their golf dynamics. This aid requires repeated swinging of golf club which is usually heavier than playing clubs, weighing 3.5 pounds.  This aid helps players to hit from the inside and promotes a draw rather than a fade and also improves distance with all clubs (iron).

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Training Aids that Gained the Attention Recently

Recently, few training aids have gained the attention with the non-ignorable benefits that they have for golfers. Here is a list of few that we have filtered for you.

The orange whip: This aid helps to improve your swinging dynamics. The fact that orange whip kit is affordable, transportable, and improves your strength with your swing. In this, you get a base on which you can stand and attain correct hip, and you get a golf club with an orange ball stuck in the end of the club to help you improve your swing motion. 

The alignment rods: The alignment rods are used to correct your fundamentals of the golf swing, improving your alignments that most of the golfers overlook. In golf, alignment refers to the aim of both the club and your feet in the set-up position.

Putter wheel: Putter wheel aid help golfers with their eye positioning on the golf ball. Putter wheel is a sort of golf ball that comes with special color coding which makes it hard to miss while hitting.  

Medicus: This dual hinge golf club  breaks down on it’s hinges when not positioned correctly, so you get instant feedback and correct your mistake before your next shot. This will help you improve your swing path and clubface motion.

BenderStik: Named after it’s inventor and a famed golf instructor Mike bendor, BenderStik helps you build a consistent swing which lasts longer. The large foam ball and the rod can be positioned in multiple ways to take your natural swing and gives you instant feedback about incorrect postures of your body or hands.

Tour striker: Tour striker training aid consist of a special club with a smaller face. This helps you swing the ball with a smaller area of impact, so when you hit a ball in the actual game the spot seems larger.

Greg Norman secret: This aid helps guides you to maintain correct posture of your hand throughout the swing. When you do a task repeatedly you become perfect and this is the idea behind Greg Norman’s secret. 

Mirror: This aid also improves your alignment and the simplest training aid that professional golfers trust. The mirror helps you spot the flaws while your hands/arms take the club away.

We hope these tips helps you and improves your golf.

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