Secrets Of Successful Students

There are secrets to success and successful students are no different. They have to follow strict schedules which make them stand out of the crowd. It were easy everyone would be doing it and that is it is imperative that others learn from them. What are the secrets? Well, read on to find out below.

1.      Chew Gum

Who thought that gum chewing is actually a trait and can contribute towards success? So you can chew gum all you want to but beware that you don’t snap or blow bubbles in other people’s faces which are both rude and fails to register as a successful trait.

2.     Eat Smart

Another key element exhibited by successful students because eating smart helps improve memory. These include yogurt, vegetables, chocolate, and coffee among other items. Foods flooded with sodium, sugar, and fats lead to increased stress, and hampers cognitive thinking and prevent the ability to recall from memory.

3.     Find The Right Roommate

Having the right roommate is essential because if he’s any smart, chances are that you will become one yourself. Research has shown time and again that when a roommate’s habits are those of a hardworking student, it influences the other student in a positive manner in more ways than one. Grades and GPA are subsequently improved.

4.     Mono-Task

By mono-task it means focusing on one task at a time. This could simply mean turning off your phone or leaving it at home when heading to class or going to thelibrary. Your phone is a distraction and those who think they can text and browse Facebook while attending class or reading book are multi-tasking are sadly mistaken. They are neither involved communicating with the person nor are reading/learning.

Productivity comes from focusing on onetask and then seeing it through till the end. Successful students do not let the urge for constantly checking out their Facebook feed get in their way. Success does not come cheap and therefore you should be willing to make sacrifices (for lack of a better word).

5.     Sign Up For Seminars

Skipping classes is not advisable but if you are looking for an adventure and instead wish to learn someplace else, signing up for seminars should you be your first stop. In classroom learning, passive learning ensues and as a result, students lack interest. When they are not listening, consequently, they are not learning a dime worth of knowledge.

Seminars, on the other hand, packs involving discussions and the setting usually smaller compared with a classroom, thereby, likely increasing the chances of information processing and that too at a faster rate!

6.     Skip The Laptop

When you give up on writing on a laptop and instead opt for writing with your own hands, it activates certain areas of the brain which facilitate better memory recall. When laptops come into play, although computers significance in learning cannot be denied, but they tend to reduce comprehension of lectures as opposed to when students take notes with their own hands.

7.     Study Smart

It is often observed that students in order to ensure learning tend to underline, highlight, and summarize but according to experts this is not an efficient approach. Thus, to practice active memory recall work on gathering information from your memory and engage in self-testing.

8.    Time Chunk

When you are planning to study, it should be for the quality study you are going to do and not for the quantity aka a number of chapters that you covered. Be wise to block out periods of time so that you can focus. It is advisable to block out periods of up to 25 minutes and which have proven as immensely productive.

9.    Visit A Museum

Museums have gone old fashioned (I mean it houses old things) but to delve into history enables you to become more accustomed to critical thinking skills, you become tolerant and lastly, empathy is inculcated as a result. This is what successful students which make them, well, successful. Heck, simply by looking at art, you can expect reduced levels of stress, can you believe that? *phew*

10.  Walk To Class

Walk to your class. This a great way to get those creative juices in your head flowing. You would be better able to solve problems and can come up with deductions for intricate concepts. The combination of fresh air and walking exercise is bound to decrease the likelihood of ADHD in students.

11.   Wear The Right Outfit

Clothing matters. It is proven through research that the way we dress is the way we tend to carry ourselves through the day. In a lab coat or a formal attire makes students want to take their studies seriously whereas when wearing sweatpants they tend to be more laid back in their attitude towards study.

In Conclusion

Moreover, have a growth mindset, seek part-time employment and try asking great questions. These and above are the secrets that make some students shine brighter than the others.

Author Bio: Stephen King is a seasoned researcher and professor. He is currently seeking his post-doctorate degree from one of the leading institutions in the country. You can contact him for Assignment Help

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