See yourself before any procedure

Augmented reality or AR technology really in true sense has a tendency to help combine computer- created images with an actual object. Developers developed a refined but simple and also variable augmented reality technique. In so doing the user at the time of reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is capable of seeing the correct layout pertaining to the surgical part.

With the intention to advance the field relating to cosmetic surgery developers are assisting scientists and doctors to develop a cosmetics augmented reality system which can be a very much helpful guide for assessing the outcomes of facial reconstruction prior to operation or purchasing cosmetics to increase aesthetics.

Just speaking about this system, it aids researchers to craft 3D simulations pertaining to the wanted portion of the face. As a result, it produces a reconstructive procedure which will focus it over the face of the patient at the time of surgery through the technology of AR. Augmented reality in cosmetics is helpful to see how a consumer will look after utilising a specific cosmetic product.

The latest endeavours of the scientists reveal that augmented reality can be a helpful guide to performing and planning. It is as well capable of aiding in assessing the outcomes of facial reconstruction and various other procedures. Below are stated some draws of AR in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Draws of augmented reality in the domain of cosmetic surgery

This AR system assisted in envisioning the intended correction and verifying the final result with structured information.
The surgeon is capable of superimposing the needed portion utilising a duo of commercially accessible smart glasses rooted with augmented reality technology.

With the intention to render the procedure doing well the three-dimensional digital simulation pictures relating to the wanted portion of the body is capable of being envisioned over the patient at the time of surgery.

The augmented reality technology offers an open source software item to crack different technical issues at the time of surgery.
Adding manipulating plus exhibiting the three-dimensional simulations of specific surface relating to body augmented reality is offering a draw to the patient and also the doctors with better surgical outcomes.

With these draws the patient is capable of interrelating with a visual picture over a system. Aside from that, you can draw the benefit of the ease with their anticipated post-operation appearance. To be very specific the patient is capable of seeing themselves within real time with visual body parts while superimposed on their person. Because of the development in technology the surgeon is capable of seeing a visual picture that shall be laid over an actual patient to permit them to see themselves utilising a mobile gadget by way of a virtual mirror.

Kinds of augmented reality surgery

AR Rhinoplasty

It points to a surgery that reshapes and repairs the nose utilising augmented reality for the cosmetic surgery.

Lip augmentation

Augmented reality assists the patient to present the fuller-looking lips prior to lip augmentation. Prior to the permanent modification, the user is capable of utilising it to view enhanced lip volume, structure, and shape.

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