Thursday 22 April 2021

Seller Leads Using Facebook–Marketing

Facebook has become more than just a social networking website. Use Facebook as a real estate marketing tool to generate seller leads. It allows you to reach out globally and to millions of people.

Marketers in real estate who have spent time in this domain are familiar with the benefits of Seller Leads Using Facebook. Some of these are listed below:

  • This marketing method helps in conquering multiple clients at a time
  • Helps you manage your time
  • More opportunities to show both sides of a deal
  • Taking bids isrisky in a low inventory market, butallowshigher commissions

Getting leads is really important and generates great opportunity for new business. Here we have some of the commonly followed ways to getmore Seller Leads Using Facebook.

Seller Leads Using Facebook

Influence Your Buyers

Referrals cannot be gained without influencing the buyers. A realtor marketing their properties on Facebook must focus on generating referrals. The best way to leverage the buyers is by closing the deal on a positive note. Express how much you liked serving them and show them that you would like to keep them as your clients for repeated deals. You can buy a small congratulatory gift and give it to them with the keys to their new home or leave it in the house so it surprises them when they walk through the doors. It can be something useful for their new home or something you know they will appreciate. Make sure to keep in contact with them through the months and years so they always remember that you are their for them if the time every comes up that they need to up or down size their home.

Always remember to leave them with your business cards and ask them to give them out to family and friends in the event that they might need a realtor now or in the future. Your existing clients are the best source to gain leads and help you widen your circle of people that might want to sell or buy a property. Include them in your mailing list, stay in touch with them, and update them on new hot properties. Once clients know you can handle deals and they have gained trust in you they are going to refer you to other people.

For Sale by Owner Listings – FSBO Listings

Most of the time selling your own property can be a challenging task. Overpricing, limited resources, and poor marketing are some of the problems that could happen. Refer to the FSBO listings and offer free consultation to these sellers. Show them the benefits of having you serve them and how it will be in their best interest. Most of the time they are unsure of how to market and lack the skills to successfully sale their home.

Do Away With Expired Listings

Listing the properties with expired age (generally the ones that fail to get a response from the buyers), is not good for a business. Rather, work on the expired listings by redoing the campaign for them in an innovative manner.

Look for Hub Seller Lead Generation Option on Facebook

Facebook can help find and generate high value seller leads. You have the option to fill in keywords along with a location in the search tab. This allows you to know your best possible leads. TRY IT!