Monday 06 March 2023

Seo Strategy For 2017 – An Association With Social Bookmarking Sites

Getting your website or contents to the top rank is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and hard work along with SEO strategy. If you want to keep your website among the top 10 or 20 sites, proper following of SEO rules will be really important. But, Google will keep on changing the rules. Thus, the Search Engine Optimization strategy should be changed as well. You can now have a look at 200+ free high da social bookmarking sites. These are the sites where people store and save their articles, web pages, history as well as videos. These sites are also very well used to promote your business among the mass.

Necessities of social book marking sites

The experts dealing with digital marketing always advises to promote through the social bookmarking sites. Some of the popular sites are as under:

  • Pinterest

  • Digg

  • Reddit

  • Stumble upon etc.

The SEO strategy for 2017 include submitting the links, pictures and contents of your website to the social book marketing sites. The magic of boosting your traffic can be associated with 200+ free high da social bookmarking sites. Let us find out the importance of such sites:

  • With the help of these sites you will be able to boost the name of your business to the mass. Yes, the brand consciousness will be increased with this technique.

  • You will be able to get a high rank in the google search engine through the social book marking sites.

  • In the online business, traffic is the main funda. If the traffic is increased, you will get more profit. With the help of social bookmarking sites you can get more traffic getting in to your sites.

  • Even the domain authority will be boosted in your site with the help of this social book marking site.


Preparing new SEO strategy for 2017

The changes in SEO strategy is taking place in jet fast rate. The experts dealing with SEO must be updated to initiate seamless online marketing. The changes are addressed as per the need of customers. Businessmen can only survive in the market if they can abide with the new SEO rules in the Google updates. The competition among various online sites are at its priority. Each website company is doing their best to rise up in the search engine. In order to go ahead with the preparation of SEO for the year 2017, it is important to find out the market trend and latest Google updates on SEO rules. Some of the attempts are as follows:


You can use schema markup as a new SEO strategy for 2017. This will make the search engine to locate your site and get proper knowledge. Thus, your website and business will be presented in from of the mass in a correct way. This will be extremely helpful when the google is in the verge of making a decision about the rich card and the quick answer of a question.

SERPs Changes

The new SEO strategy will also include the changes in SERPs. The development has also been observed in the past few years as google decided to increase the words in titles and Meta description of an article or a content. Following can be some strategies:

  • Try to place the main keywords in the beginning of the title. Make use to use this keywords once in the meta description

  • It is important to extend your Meta description. Make it more than 100 characters

  • Use spaces whenever required, avoid clubbed words

Role of social bookmarking sites

The social bookmarking sites have come with broader importance these days. People are continuously posting the links, pictures, articles and even the videos in such sites. 300+ Do follow Social Bookmarking Sites 2017 With High DA & PA are available for boosting the rank of your business. If you want to promote your blog or a website, these sites are really important. You will definitely want to get a stable ranking in the search engine. Rather the ranking must go up always. Even the professional SEO are looking out for this list.

It is through the 300+ Do follow Social Bookmarking Sites 2017 With High DA & PA you can submit the sites. If you are the SEO experts, the links and the sites will be very beneficial for boosting your client’s website. Some people have the tendency of submitting only the landing page. But don’t do so, you must come up with interesting stories in your website and post it in the social bookmarking sites.