Thursday 30 November 2023

Shop early morning to save money – Is it a myth or reality?

Shop early morning to save money

Shopping doesn’t mean only to buy physical items. It also denotes services that are required to keep the wheels rolling! If you are a frugal person and always look for options to save money, you should put more concentration on budgeting and wise shopping. 

But this is the thing we do not follow every time while buying any item or service. Whether it is a thing or any service, we do not try for extreme couponing all the time to get more discounts.

But that is wrong. Do you know that morning is the best time for saving money if you buy something? 

Yes, it’s a hardcore reality. There are multiple stores and service providers may offer you cheaper prices for morning customers.

So, let’s check out the smart ways to save cash in the morning.

a) Shop well at low prices

You may find multiple big and small stores having their stock clearance or “loss leader” sales to attract customers. Guess what! All of these sales are happening in the early morning hours.

You might have noticed posters, signboards, or circulars, saying – “100% cotton t-shirts, $10, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. only.” That means you may visit the shop early in the morning and can grab a $17 – $18 t-shirt just at $10.

Apart from that some stores even have their stock clearance sales for morning hours. They may offer an extra 75% off of products between 8 am and 12 P.M.

If you are buying food or drinks, you may save some money over there just by purchasing it early before you get too hungry. 

Afternoon shoppers, usually buy more food than they can consume, just because of their irresistible hunger.

b) Get bakery stuff on discounts

You may visit your local bakery shop early in the morning. You might get bakery products from the previous day with great discounts. 

Normally they may provide half or even two-thirds off on each item. But make sure the items are fresh and can be frozen later.

On the other hand, if you have an occasion at your place, and you need bakery items like cakes, pastries, etc for the party, you should talk to your local bakeries as early as possible. This way you can negotiate with them and ask for discounts.

c) Fill your fuel

You can normally buy the cheapest gas before noon. As per the founder of GasPriceWatch Brad Proctor, big gas companies set prices at about 10 or 11 a.m.

Proctor also added that gas prices normally go up right before noon, in about 93% of cases.

Apart from that, it is also suggested that purchasing gas in the cool morning environment may give you a little more fuel. It is because the gas has more density when it becomes warmer.

d) Grab some snacks

At the time of re-fueling your vehicle, you may give yourself a treat and have a good breakfast in the meantime. Many gas stations may provide good deals along with the gas fare. 

You may get coffee, eggs, sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, pizzas at a nominal price.

Gas prices are as high as they are, but stores are giving these discounts just to build a good relationship with the customers so that they will go there again.

e) Visit your doctor or dentist

The fee of the doctor or dentist won’t be reduced, and not even the medical test costs. But you won’t have to wait too long for your turn if you get there early in the morning (or as before the scheduled time).

The doctor may also give you a bit more time if you get there early. Initially, they might concentrate well with patients who came first, but later they might get frustrated with the rush and the long cue.

The same thing goes for the dentist. You should consult him/her regarding your dental health as early as possible. It is because dental health is as important as your physical health.

You should go early and finish your session early so that you may get enough time to spend doing something else.

f) Hit the gym regularly

Early-morning exercising at your favorite gym is great! But you need to maintain the rules over there. The gyms are normally busy with their people from 9 or 10 until noon.

So, it’ll be difficult to maintain that time with such a situation.

So, you may talk to the trainer or manager to schedule your dates on off days. You may find many gyms where the member count is low, so you can join and exercise freely at any point in time. 

Also, sign up with a gym that offers discounted membership fees for new members.

g) Watch movies

I have tried this and it works!! Many large theater chains offer discounts on tickets for movies for the early morning shows. Sometimes the theater manager may offer complimentary snacks, like burgers, hotdogs, doughnuts, and even coffee to the person you bought more than 10 tickets.

h) Visit popular places

Many popular visiting places like botanical gardens, historical places, museums, theme parks, etc offer admission free or discounted prices before noon on certain days of the week. 

It normally happens on weekends when afternoon footfall is greater than the morning time visitors.


So, these are a few effective ways to save money on buying or purchasing items or services. Save as much money as possible and use that money to fulfill your life goals such as paying off debts. 

If required you can enroll yourself in some of the best debt consolidation programs available on the internet and become debt-free.