Thursday 18 July 2024

Should I Use Content Management Solution For My Business? The Top 3 Criteria For Adopting CMS

Content Management System

The answer to the question ‘should I use CMS for my business?’ can be as easy or as difficult as you make it sound. Some say it depends on the volume of business and some may opine that it all boils down to cost. For many it relies on the content base that the business deals in and sometimes it may be reliant on the size of the team. The final decision though to a great extent requires assistance from consultants and IT experts.

So how can you assess if you should invest in Content Management System Solution for your business? Here are the top 3 criteria for adopting CMS:

Tracking duplicate content: Analyze the content that goes up in your website. If the percentage of duplication is on the higher side, say above 35 percent, you may want to relook your content strategy and opt for a content management tool. With a suitable CMS in place, you can keep a track of all the content and possibly even integrate similar content to produce new enticing material. That way, your brand will have consistent, up to date, high quality articles and campaigns to engage new and old clients alike.

Time is money: Time is a major decision maker in terms of investing in a new CMS tool. Assess the hours taken for your team to write, edit, proofread, upload and publish articles. If the turnaround period is long and dreary, it is better to invest in CMS. Remember time is money. The faster the content is uploaded; the sooner the products reach the market and begin to generate revenue.

CMS significantly reduces the cycle completion period and automates manual work so that the creative team can focus more on several other pressing aspects of content creation and branding.

Availability of technical resource and cost: Manual updates on websites require heavy HTML coding which the content team may not be comfortable with carrying out. This means requiring techies to come by to make even minute updates. This is costly and also not feasible especially in a dynamic environment when customers want only fresh information by the minute. Obsolete information spells out danger for brands. The best solution to overcome this bottleneck is installing a CMS tool. Also, these tools work great and are superb cost trimmers when there are translations of content involved.


Choosing a suitable Content Management Solution depends on a variety of factors and most importantly on the objective of your business. Select the tool wisely after considering all elements like features, advantages and cost. Remember, the whole crux of using CMS is about saving time, cutting unnecessary costs, streamlining operations and most of all about adding value to your business and ultimately to your customers.