Simple Steps To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Blogging is never be as easy as few of us thinks, however, only pros who knows their way around it would see it from a different angle. There are definitely a lot to be considered when talking about setting up a blog; not just a blog but a successful blog. Which we’ll be discussing more on in today’s update.

gI shall be sharing few logical and practical ideas on how to start and raise a successful blog, just about any niche or industry you decide to focus and write about. As long as you’re ready for blogging.

Before starting a blog, the foremost things to draw into attention is the blog niche you’re running towards, the content strategy (i.e how and whkere you’d be getting your contents from), the SEO strategy (do you understand how to practically optimize a blog post?), and above all, the platform on which the blog will run.

Having said All this, Let’s Swing into Action!

With the increasing competition on the online community nowadays, chances are that many websites and blogs may end up being ruled out, while only the sturdy and big gamers continue. SEO as an element of digital marketing has nonetheless taken a seat in the forefront leaving lots of business owners and marketers with no option than play along to get noticed for their efforts. The same applies to growing a blog, getting your contents up for visibility over the internet may never be achievable without observing search engine optimization ethics. Knowing and understanding how it works, hence optimizing your blog contents to fall in-line with proper practices.

Here are few ways to do blogging the professional way

Remember Content Quality

A lot of us are too swift to forget the crucial part of content development and publishing up on our blogs. And hence the reason why a few employ the services of SEO company (s) for its content services. Before developing a content, ensure you’re doing it for the sake of your blog readers, not for your sake. Having this in mind will help you not to come up with contents based on the topic you like but aimed at satisfying the need of your audience.

Keywords and Top Places to Leave Them

Title Keywording

Keywords are the major determinants of your search engine performance. It predicts the future of the content you’re developing for the site, how it would perform when published and all. After researching out an audience friendly subject, expand your aim further by researching a keyword that is trendy and has high search volume. Once set, ensure that it is contained in your title.

Body Head

The body head is the first paragraph of the body of your article, start your piece by drawing the reader’s attention thence incorporating your title keyword simultaneously in such a way that it blends up.

Having done that, scatter the keywords in the general body of the content two or three more time; with respect to the number of words you have or is writing. Keep in mind that the percentage ratio for keyword incorporation should be approximately 7 – 8%.


The most obvious part of your content that will show up on search engines in response to queries by an organic searcher is the “Description tag”. It is the element of the content that either encourages the audience to view your site or chose another one that pleases him.

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