Sisal Carpet Is Easy On The Environment and Your Wallet!

Are you fed up with the ordinary look of your floor? Or frustated with your not so naughty kid who is always up to some prank with those obscure stains and spills on your carpet? Well, if that is the case, we are here to your rescue with the all new glam up sisal carpets that are not only dirt resistant but eco friendly too. It’s your one stop solution to the entire problem concerning health and safety.

Sisal carpet is the latest innovation in the field of floor space decoration whereby fibers extracted from a cactus plant with the name of Agave Sisalana are used to manufacture elegant carpets to beautify your places of abode.

Sisal carpets traces its origin from the leaves of the plant of cactus family found in desert areas of Africa and Brazil. Since its cactus, it exclusively grows in desert and arid regions that have very low or limited vegetation. However, with the advent of technological advancements, these plants are now being cultivated all over the globe. Primarily, it was used to make twines, ropes, dartboards but currently, it is extensively used in carpet weaving and rug making. The industry has increased dramatically and making a fortune for growers owing to its extraordinary popularity and paramount usage.

Interestingly, Floorspace sisal carpets have many benefits. Here we enlist some of them:

Sisal is absolutely natural and eco friendly. It’s easy on environment, safe on surroundings and sustainable. If you support the ongoing go green phenomenon, then sisal carpet is just the right choice for you.

Moreover, it is naturally resistant to stains. This implies you can ward off all the worries concerning chemical treatments in case your child accidentally spills something on the floor.

Sisal is known for anti static properties that it does not build up static electricity when the weather is windy or dry. For synthetic fiber carpets, the case is a topsy turvy as they produce occasional static electricity which is very uncomfortable and hazardous to those having serious health ailments. Thus you can spread the carpet and lie down suiting your wish and need without any add on worries.

Sisal is highly durable and resilient. It hardly shows any signs of wear and tear and can be used at places where there is possibility of high traffic inflow.

Also, it has intrinsic sound absorbing traits. This proves to be an ideal addition to home at places such as on a staircase, living room while at the same time enhancing the comfort level at your home.

Households comprising of members that are allergic to dust or have asthma would love the all benefits natural products like Floorspace sisal carpets.

To add to its list of good qualities, is its easy maintenance. Since they do not attract dirt or mites, a swipe of broom or occasional vacuuming would be enough to clean it up. The only word of caution will be prevention from direct exposure to sun, water or moisture as it can lead to accumulation of mold and mildew.

So brighten up your floor spaces, with the all natural sisal carpeting that is inviting, cozy and warm- all at the same time!

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