Sneak Into The Future Of Education

Time is something which changes everything. Even our means of education too. With the passing Springs and the every day getting advanced technology, many people believe that it will replace the human intelligence from our education system. Since the introduction of online education concept, some educators thinks that there will be no students to learn and teachers to teach because technology will take over every task and the ability on which our current education system is established. But as a whole, education will exist and to some extent will achieve the goals that we are setting now. In this blog, I am going to take you on the ride to the future, where we will see what our educational system would look like in next 20 years.


Some educators believe that our education system will be diversified in the next two decades. Due to the large use of online means of learning, students will make self-paced learning as their habit which can obsolete any role of the teachers from their education. This diversity can come on the academic levels too. For example, our classrooms can be flipped and become more practical based whereas students then have to learn the theoretical part out of the classroom.

No Boundary:

With the diversity, students can learn without any limitation or restrictions too. Students can pick and choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn. However, every lesson lead towards the same destination, but students could get this chance to determine their own path towards the common goal. With the free choice, students will get an opportunity to learn with new devices and new methods of their own preference. The uncommon terminologies like blended learning flipped classrooms and BYOD (bring your own device) will become common. It will depend on the student’s will and his ability that how many home tasks he will get, so he doesn’t have to buy assignment on cheap price.

Field Experience:

Field experience is not a new phenomenon in education. Even some institutions provide this facility to their students. And because this is one of the biggest helping methods for the students to understand the theories that they learned in class better, the future education system would make field trips more often. Schools and colleges will provide more opportunities to their students like internships, mentoring projects and collaboration projects.

Students Say:

In the future, schools and colleges will give total ownership to the students. Students will become entirely involved in forming their curricula and will decide that what is up to date and useful for them in the future. Taking the inputs from students will become mandatory to maintain the credibility of the curricula for all schools and colleges.

Welcome Back:

Future is uncertain, and no one knows what in the future the world will look like. All we can do is the projection on the basis of the present scenarios. And the current situation of education is revolving around the traditional education system and online education system. Which is why we believe that both traditional and online education systems will adapt things from each other and in the result of it, we will get a new form of the education system in the next two decades. If you have any say on this too or have something to say about all of the above projection, our comment box is waiting for your words.

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