Monday 06 March 2023

Social media apps working as a marketing tool

A social media marketer without any social media app is like a mechanic without any of his useful tools, a lumberjack without an axe, or a captain without a ship. The point is that marketers need social media apps to work. They need to get the right apps in order to achieve specific targets through social media platforms. These social media tools or platforms allow them to get things done in a very effective and efficient way, no matter where they are and what time of the day it is.

Social media apps dominate the usage of apps by offering a comprehensive source of online content and harness the desire of social validation for a marketer. We already know how people use social media apps and what features appeal to different demographics. Frequent users of social media apps know about how addictive these platforms can be.

It comes as no surprise that all social media apps dominate the time of the users of smartphones. Approximately, 40% of smartphone owners admit that they are a frequent user of social media apps which is almost 4x more than the usage gaming apps. It is fair to state that social media apps dominate the mobile space.

Today, four leading social media platforms dominate the space. These are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Let’s be honest, who isn’t using these apps? And if you aren’t using them, are you really a social media marketer?

While these continue to dominate the social arena online, all of them have serious concerns when it comes to the safety and security of your data. This is where newer social media platforms like ConnectSocial Inc. come into play.

ConnectSocial Inc. is an exceptional social network podium which facilitates the users to associate and interact with each other. This app has been designed to provide an unmatchable social networking experience also ensuring the safety and privacy of the users. As an app, ConnectSocial Inc. allows the user to have chats, enabling them to comment, text and share media without having to worry about privacy.

ConnectSocial Inc. offers a healthy way to communicate with each other. Its application is available on both on Android and IOS smartphones.

On ConnectSocial Inc. you can create a network of your own which allows you to express your thoughts, share images and videos on your feed, and enjoying your social interactions as they are meant to, without thinking that your information or online habits would fall into the hands of a marketer who would target you with ads.