Some Popular Mutton Delicacies

Mutton is one of the versatile meats with which a large number of preparations can be made. Most of the non-vegetarian love to taste different mutton preparations and without these dishes, every celebration and get-together remain incomplete.

You can prepare various mutton dishes in your home by following specific recipes and give your family and friends a tasty surprise.

Usually, Mutton and Lamb preparations are very special to any Non-vegetarian food lover. From basic recipes to exotic dishes, numerous types of cooking options are available. Based on the region, mutton and lamb can be cooked in many ways.

Mutton is the most noteworthy ingredient in Kashmiri cuisine. It has more than 30 variations and it has heavily impacted by the cuisines of Persia, Central Asian, and North Indian plains. However, making Mutton or Lamb curry in the traditional Indian way is the best and you will get rich, delicious, and finger-licking curries. The preparation makes a great accompaniment with mutton biryani, Pulao, romalirotis, and naan.

Let’s catch some lovely mutton preparations one by one:

Khatta Meat: This Kashmiri mutton preparation is varied from several other mutton curries. From the name itself, you have probably realized that this preparation has a unique sour taste. Khatta Meat is a staple dish for individuals residing in Jammu or for Dogris. The extraordinarily spicy and the incredible sour taste will make you feel a completely new different flavour.

Mutton Paya: Lots of Indian spices are added in this preparation for enhancing the flavour of the meal. This delicious dish can be served as a side dish or alternatively as a main dish accompanied with biryani or coconut rice.

Mutton Pepper Fry: Basically, Mutton Pepper Fry is a dhaba style preparation that you discover on the highways. You can find out a recipe that is influenced by the Andhra style of cooking.

Chettinad Mutton Kulambu: Chettinad cuisine is a delightful surprise for meat lovers. This mutton preparation is enough to satisfy your taste buds. In Tamil, ‘Kulambu’ means a type of gravy. In this recipe, the pieces of mutton are cooked in masala based thick gravy. However, to perfectly prepare this recipe, you need to take the masala in a correct quantity.

Mutton Dak Bungalow: It has become an almost forgotten culinary delicacy sourced from Bengal. You can find out the very existence of this recipe in only some khansama or cook families as well as Anglo Indian households. A small number of clubs and restaurants in Kolkata serve these preparations to maintain the culture of historic cuisine.

Kerala Style Mutton Korma: Many people like to taste spicy and rich mutton preparation and Mutton korma is that type of recipe. On special celebrations or occasion, it makes a special appearance.

Mutton Saagwala: This classic Punjabi mutton curry preparation is one of the topmost mutton recipes. This famous Indian side dish goes well with hot tandoori rotis.

Lal Maas: Literally, it means ‘red meat’. The name has been sourced from its shining red colour and its intense spiciness.

PeshawariRaan and Mutton Dalma are two other well-known mutton preparations that will simply amaze you.

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