Monday 22 July 2024

Stay Tuned For The Site For More Updates On Apple iPhone8

Stay Tuned For The Site For More Updates On Apple iPhone8

There are two devices that are released recently where Apple Inc shared the platform with their competitors for the first time. This time it not only allowed its competitors, but also introduced more than one products at a time in a single platform. This time it got a change to introduce certain products like iTV, iPhone6S, iWatch and iPencil. With these updates from Apple, the expectations on the upcoming devices of Apple, Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone7 have raised to the pinnacle. Though it is too early to make statements on these, based on the leaks we had so far on the devices, we are going to discuss on what has been release/leaked on the internet.

Though it is up to our imaginations till now, we can estimate certain features of Apple iPhone8 based on the newly released iPhone6S. The release dates of an iPhone has always followed back to back with the releases of the iOS and an iPhone. But this time, since we have encountered a lot of changes in the released iPhone6S, here are a few more changes that we can mostly probably encounter this time.

Stay Tuned For The Site For More Updates On Apple iPhone8

iPhone 8 Display

The display of the device might be the last change in terms of the changes in the displays of iPhone devices. If we notice the changes in the iPhones in the last releases like iPhone 6 it has already here with the display of 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches. So iPhone 7 is expected to come with a 6-6.5 Inches display at max and the same would be with the Apple iPhone 8 we think so. Because if the size gets increased even from 6 Inches it would be falling into the tablet category and not in the phone category. Apple will never do this so it is obvious to keep it to 6.5 at the most!

Camera in iPhone8

This is going to the best camera amongst all the iPhones released so far. The camera of iPhone7 is going to be with the resolution of 12 MP and the new release of iPhone8 is going to be with 14 MP main cameras and 4 MP front camera.

iPhone 8 Memory

Apple iPhone8 Features are anticipated to come up with the huge memory of 128 GB. Previously there were variants like 32 GB and 64 GB.

iPhone8 Ram:

The iPhone8 RAM would be of great storage which would be obviously better than the previous versions. This time it is going to come up with the new version of 8GB RAM where as the previous versions were of 4 GB RAMs.

Apple iPhone 8 Price

Thought there are no official releases about the prices, it is expected that the prices would be so high than the old versions. Also there are new features that are going to be embedded in this version, this could be the reason for the price hike. With this price hike, iPhone8 can record a higher number of sales in the history of Apple.