Wednesday 27 January 2021

Staying Up To Date With The Latest SEO News

If you are doing SEO work then it’s very important that you stay up to date with the latest happenings in the SEO industry as things change very quickly. One minute something can work fine but then the next it does not, Google have decided to penalise what you have been doing and your web site is in a lot of trouble and so making sure that you are doing things properly is very, very important.

Staying Up To Date With The Latest SEO News

There are lots of excellent sources online for the latest SEO news, there are blogs like SEO Mania and Moz that cover lots of the latest news and then there are more specialist web sites that offer specialist information. It is also a great idea to add the best sources of SEO news to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as you can then see the latest SEO news as it happens and so will not miss a thing.

So you may be wondering how SEO can change so much? Well if that’s the case then that’s have a look at link building, only a few years ago you could rank a web site very well by simply buying dirt cheap links from low quality and unrelated web sites, quantity was all that mattered. Fast forward to today though and such practices see web sites with penalties that mean they rank for nothing at all and only the web sites that were careful escaped these awful penalties.

If your web site gets hit with one of these penalties then it is also a very long road to recovery and so can cost a business a huge amount in lost sales and so it is very much best avoided. So make sure that you know all about the latest SEO techniques and also keep in mind what is likely to change in the future, you can read the guidelines from the search engines and these are very much worth following as even though you may get away with some grey hat SEO practices for now, the day will certainly come where your web site gets penalised and all of those rankings are destroyed.

So it is very much worth using some common sense too and considering what will likely change in the future and so if you think that some link building or SEO technique is risky then simply do not take that risk as Google will very likely one day penalise such practices. So if you keep quality at the heart of everything that you do and don’t take any silly risks then your web rankings should remain healthy for a long time to come.